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Life in Singapore vs USA

Living in a better place is a dream of every person. There are many countries in the world, and out of many, both the USA and Singapore are famous countries with a high GDP per capita. When considering a move to either of these countries as an Indian, it’s essential to explore various aspects, including the Singapore visa for Indians and the USA visa process. And before moving to any of these countries, you should compare living in Singapore vs USA. Singapore is a good country, but if you talk about living standards, then life in the USA is better than in Singapore. And here are some reasons why life in the USA is better than Singapore? Many countries in the world, and out of many, both life in the USA and life in Singapore are famous countries with a high GDP per capita.

Life in Singapore vs the USA

Life in Singapore vs USA

  • Cost of living:

Cost of living is the first and foremost thing to consider. Both the USA and Singapore are expensive countries to live in. But things that might be easily accessible in the US can be difficult and expensive in Singapore.  And if you are moving to Singapore from the USA, then keep in mind that buying cars that people take for granted in the US, is out of the question as many cars like Toyota Corolla Altis that you can buy for the US $17000 and with an insurance of $700 a year. But in Singapore, this same car can cost you around the US $110000. And buying houses is no exception. 

But if we compare food and drinks then it can warily depend on the city of the US you are comparing it with. Like in between New York and Singapore prices don’t seem to differ that much but if you compare it with Seattle then Singapore is expensive in almost all cases. And according to stats, Singapore is 14% more costly than the US. 

  • Education: 

Singapore is a country that is quite known for its good education. And the US is known for its opportunity for students to speak their mind. While Singapore is the 19th best in the world when it comes to education, it still does not provide its students with the freedom that US schools provide. Singapore universities are one of the best in the world with a very acceptance rate that majorly depends on merit criteria. So, in order to prepare students for those universities, most of the schools focus on just studying. This way most of the kids don’t have time to enjoy other activities of childhood. While in the US they also focus on creativity, independent thinking and co-curricular activities. 

  • Weather:

Weather is another factor important while moving to another country. Singapore unlike the USA is located near the equator and is humid throughout the year. Most of the time-temperature is high in Singapore. Rains do make the weather a bit pleasant but other than that it is like summer for 365 days. And sometimes you even have to shower 2-3 times a day due to high temperature so if you don’t like heat then Singapore isn’t for you to live. But the USA on the other hand has 4 seasons and has pleasant weather most of the time. It can get very cold in winters but that too has its perks. And even summer isn’t as hot or humid as Singapore. 

  • Health:

Well, the only thing money can’t buy is life. And in terms of health facilities, Singapore is quite a good place. Even when compared to the USA. Its health facilities are affordable and you don’t have to wait for months to get an appointment with a specialist. Another reason why Singaporeans are one the healthiest people in the world. While the USA is also a developed country but its healthcare system isn’t as good as it should be. And the greatest wealth is health. 

  • Safety: 

Singapore is often known as the country where even consuming chewing gum can make you criminal. But it also shows that they have strict rules in Singapore and people also follow them. Like guns are also not allowed in Singapore but it means that you can easily return home at night without worrying about some thug stealing your money and then shooting you. This is the exact reason why many students can come home after their schools and work alone. And I don’t think you can have this kind of safety in America. Well, it is certainly better than having the freedom to consume chewing gum.

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  1. I was born in Singapore but my mother planned to move out after I finished national service. I had experience before going to Secondary school in Singapore and is good, but predicted that the future would be nastier. I have never been USA before but would possibly go to that country or Canada only after being the part of the army for 2 complusary years.

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