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Travel to Singapore: the Ultimate Guide

In the world, there are many places to visit during the holiday, but there’s no country like Singapore. Located in the southern part of Malaysia, the country boasts a beautiful combination of Chinese, Indian, Arab, Malaysian, and English cultures. There’s no country like Singapore.We have written this Singapore travel guide to help you plan your trip better. Let’s get started.

Singapore travel guide

The “Lion City,” as most people refer to it, has delightful culinary experiences, exciting nightlife, state-of-the-art accommodations, and more. 

We have written this Singapore travel guide to help you plan your trip better. Let’s get started: 

What Should You Expect in Singapore?

Singapore is among the prominent cities across the world. Visiting the place provides you with different experiences that you may not find in other Asian countries. 

Here are things you should expect to prepare yourself before you visit Singapore

  • Singapore Travel Restrictions 

The current global situation has resulted in various changes in visiting guidelines. Before making any trip or traveling plans, check for more information on travel restrictions. 

And if you want to visit this country, you may need traveling insurance with COVID-19 coverage. 

  • Singapore VISA

Like other countries you visit, you need to have a visa and other required travel documents in the country. Consider having the right Singapore visa to avoid disappointments when it’s too late: you must check before for the most useful information related to the visa. 

  • Language

The country has the most local’s bilinguals. They are proficient in English. Other native languages they speak include Tamil, Malay, or Mandarin. 

  • Currency

The country uses the Singaporean dollar (SGD). Keep in mind; it is among the wealthiest countries in Asia and globally. You will find bargains in Indonesia and Malaysia, but not in Singapore. 

  • Cards & Cash

Most credit cards are accepted, but you need to have cash for coffee shops, food stalls, or small purchases. 

  • Climate 

The country experiences consistent temperatures all year. The temperature ranges between 75-89 degrees Fahrenheit. 

High humidity levels in the country lead to an average of 167 days of rain per year. Thus, you may need to carry an umbrella. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Now you know the requirements for traveling to Singapore. We shall now explore the major attractions to find in this country. 

Here are places worth visiting while still in the country: 

  • Gardens by the Bay

Modern and beautiful gardens are real. Perhaps you have only seen them on the TV or images on the internet. You can now plan to visit one of the best gardens in the world, Gardens by the Bay. 

This is a recent addition to tourist attractions in the country. And, therefore, something you won’t want to miss visiting. 

It has three gardens. One garden has a waterfront walk, Bay Central, connecting the other two: Bay South and Bay East. All these gardens have significant and unique features you will see. 

Bay South is the largest garden with tropical horticulture. It also has tree-like structures with an average height of 50 meters dominating the landscape.

  • Marina Bay Sands 

Many amazing places to visit in Singapore, but Marina Bay Sands should be on your list. For those who travel with construction costs in their bags, this is the place to be. 

Marina Bay Sands is among the most expensive buildings across the world. It was reported to have cost $5.7 billion, making it the most costly while opening in 2010. 

Outstanding, this integrated resort has it all: restaurants, luxury hotel, convectional center, endless collection of shops, Art Science Museum, theatre, and more centers. 

In addition, the resort has an indoor skating rink, giving you a reason to visit and see the synthetic ice used. 

  • Singapore Flyer 

If you have never seen a giant Ferris wheel, you have a reason to visit Singapore. You can spend time on this Ferris wheel for vacation purposes with your family.

The cars accommodate 28 people to circle above the city. And when the wheel opened in 2008, it was recorded to be the highest across the world. 

The highest you will reach is 165 meters in the Singaporean sky. And the fantastic thing, this Flyer accommodates even disabled guests using wheelchairs. Therefore, you need to give advance notice. 

In addition, this flyer is in Marina Bay, and it has three floors of shops, restaurants, and other services. 

  • Orchard Road

This is the primary shopping street located in Singapore. You will regularly interact with the locals and foreign tourists.

The street was named after a fruit orchard. However, it is flanked by numerous coffee chains, malls, cafes, upmarket restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. Besides that, the official residence for the Singaporean president is this site at a place called Istana. 

During the Christmas season, the decorations along this Orchard Road are famous. The residence tops the gingerbread houses with fake snow and reindeers cavorting through the palm trees – which shows the beauty of celebrations.

  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

Chinese have built temples for their gods or other things. However, most people will visit Singapore to see this temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. 

In the late 1980s, this Buddhist temple was proposed for Chinatown in Singapore. The temple was to be more traditional, and, on the line, it turned into a Tooth Relic Temple. 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is in central Chinatown. It features the arts and culture of Buddhists in Singapore. And traveling to Singapore will allow you to have much to learn about the temple. 

  • Night Safari 

Perhaps you are tired of the club scenes; then Night Safari will give you a perfect experience like no other. Visit Night Safari to have your best life moments while in Singapore. In this place, there are also animals displayed.

Night Safari was opened in 1984 and has become among the top attractions in Singapore. The place receives more than a million visitors annually, where they enjoy a tram ride. 

You can also have a trail walk and learn more about animals and their habits. The place also has a section that preserves the threatened species via captive breeding programs. And three restaurants will offer you entertainment and menus reflecting jungle or rainforest life.

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