Ultimate Guide For Weighing Luggage at Home

Weighing your luggage to take on your next trip will spare you the worry of your bags surpassing the luggage weight allowance. Each airline has its unique luggage limitations, so it’s advisable to be aware of the weight allowance before check-in. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re Michael Cera or Joe Kack, your luggage needs to be checked and weighed.

How to weigh luggage at home to take on a trip will spare you the worry of your bags surpassing the luggage weight allowance

How to Weigh Luggage at Home
Weighing your luggage to take on your next trip will spare you the worry of your bags surpassing the luggage weight allowance.

Many passengers practice weighing their bags and other belongings before leaving the house. The weighing scales at check-in will either have you pay extra if you exceed the allowed or compel you to remove some items from your bag. To prevent this inconvenience, do it before you leave.

Weight Requirement for Baggage

The weight requirement for checked luggage is the same for most major airlines, including Delta, United, and American Airlines. The bag must weigh less than 50 pounds and have a maximum size of 62 inches. Some airlines allow travelers who purchased premium tickets to carry up to 70 pounds of luggage.

Several airlines require payment for carry-on bags, and the fee increases if they exceed the weight allowance. To learn about how your airline charge for extra weight, check its website or contact your travel agent if you have one. Boarding a flight with no extra weight to manage is surely a great way to start your trip.

How to Weigh Luggage at Home?

1. Use Your Bathroom Scale

If you happen to have a bathroom scale, it’s a good substitute for a weighing scale for your luggage. Ensure that your bag and belongings are not resting on any walls and objects to get the most accurate reading.

An open space is required so that there shouldn’t be anything nearby that can support the weight of the items you’re bringing to the airport.

Sometimes, your luggage will not fit on the surface of the bathroom scale. You can still make it work by using a sturdy flat platform, such as a stool. Weigh it first and write down the weight that appears on the scale.

Then, place the items you’re bringing to the airport to the platform and see their measurement. Deduct the weight of the platform from the results you get, and you’ll get an accurate estimate of your luggage.




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2. Compare the Weight of Household Item

If you don’t own a bathroom scale, you might get pressured to either purchase one or borrow from your friends. However, if you’re not keen on buying one and your social circle doesn’t have any type of scale, there’s still a way to estimate the weight.

See the packaging or check the weight of some household items in your house. Let’s assume that the luggage allowance is 50 pounds, so you have to look for an item that’s about the same weight.

The important thing is that you can guesstimate the weight of your luggage by being familiar with what 50-pound luggage feels like.

For example, if you have a sack of organic fertilizer weighing approximately 40 to 50 pounds, carry it for a bit. Then, carry your luggage after and see if the feeling is about the same.

This method is more about estimation and is less accurate than using a scale. However, it’s still worth considering if you don’t have access to a device that can measure weight.

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3. Purchase a Luggage Scale

A luggage scale is a convenient tool to have on hand while traveling, specifically if you’re bringing heavy items. Nowadays, you can buy digital luggage scales that give quick and precise readings.

These portable scales are compact and light instead of the standard bathroom scale, which is usually large and relatively heavy.

With the portability of most luggage scales, you can bring them with you on your travels. It’s recommended to weigh before you leave the house because it allows you to reduce the volume of your items while packing.

However, with a luggage scale, you can do it virtually anywhere.

Ultimate Guide For Weighing Luggage at Home
While scaling your baggage at home is ideal, there are some establishments where you may utilize their scales to weigh your bags.

Establishments With Free Scales

While scaling your baggage at home is ideal, there are some establishments where you may utilize their scales to weigh your bags.

If you’ve bought a few heavy stuff while traveling and aren’t sure if you will exceed the weight allowance, hotels may have a scale lying around in their gym or, in some cases, the rooms. Take advantage and use it to figure out the weight of your baggage.

Gyms are practically everywhere, and more often than not, they have a scale. Ask for permission from the staff to use it to weigh your baggage.

If there’s a post office nearby, you may be able to utilize its large scale to determine the weight of your belongings. While there’s no guarantee that its staff will allow or assist you, it’s worth considering since the scale in this establishment is completely accurate.

In some cases, the scale doesn’t offer sufficient space for large bags. They tend to touch the floor or wall, which would make the readings inaccurate.

To address this issue, weigh yourself first and take note of it. Then, carry your bags and step on the scale. You need to deduct your weight from the result of the one you’re holding the bags to get the weight of your luggage.

Weighing Your Luggage at Home

Spending too much on excess baggage or having to reduce the volume of your mia toro luggage at the airport is frustrating. That’s why before you leave the house or hotel, ensure that your luggage does not exceed the weight requirement.

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