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Obersee Luggage Set for Kids: Fun for the Whole Family

One of the things I enjoy most when traveling with kids is the fun luggage sets that they use. Well, mainly I’m the one having the most fun with them since they prefer not to have any bags at all, so they don’t do any of the carrying. That’s why my mission in finding them fun luggage is really a selfish one. I need to have the right type of bags to inspire them to carry when we travel. Interestingly enough, there are tons of kids’ luggage sets for girls, but not so many ‘cool’ ones that my boys would want to associate with. That’s how I found Obersee. After a lot of searching online, I found the perfect luggage set for my boys. So keep on reading my Obersee luggage review!

black and way camouflage obersee Kids Luggage set backpack and suitcase

Why I Love Our New Obersee Luggage Set

1. Both of my boys can use it. My oldest uses it when we travel. And my youngest loves it for school.

kid carrying a white and black camouflage backpack by Obersee

2. It has a cooler that is part of the backpack, perfect for lunches or munchies.

3. Truly great design

4. Is perfect for carry-on size and can fit a lot of things like books, toys and clothes

kid carrying a white and black camouflage backpack and suitcase by Obersee

Where to Buy Obersee Luggage and So Much More

Obersee is much, much more than just luggage for kids. They have gear for the entire family.

I personally love their site and found all that I needed there. However, you can easily find them at different retailers and, of course, Amazon.

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