Finding the Right School for Kids When Moving to a New Country


Finding the Right School for Kids When Moving to a New Country

So you’re planning to move to a new country and one of your concerns (if you have kids) is finding the right school for them. I know that from my own experience, I looked for the best schools in the country for my kids, but you need to consider what your kids think of the schools you choose.

If they are happy, the learning process is more efficient. Today we’re going to be talking about finding the right school for kids when moving to a new country.

Please make sure to go and listen to the other episodes because they all have very important facts that you need to do before moving altogether just to really help you guys make the move smooth.

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Finding the Right School After Moving

Schools are a huge deal, especially if you’re traveling with kids, obviously. So school-age kids, even nursery-age kids, it is important to look them up, to talk to the places. And when you come for your trial visit, the more you visit, the more schools you understand and see. Even a trial is really crucial to make the move so smooth.

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Kids Opinion Matters

As I always said, if your kids are happy, you’re happy. Because if your kids are miserable in a bad location, in a bad school, being bullied, whatever the reason, you can’t do the full adjustment.

Because you are too occupied with what is going on with the kids. So make sure that you really do your homework on this.

Type of Schools

Find out the different types of schools you are in and the area you want to move to. There are always different schools. Traditional, progressive, alternative, bilingual, English only, Spanish, public schools there are so many variations.

So, even if you want to send your kids to public schools, go and check those public schools out.

Connect With People Online

Talk to the people there, see it out again. I will go back and say this a lot of times, but Facebook and connecting online to people is a huge way to really help that transition.

So I really recommend getting in touch with people, seeing what schools are out there. And while you’re there visiting the schools, it will make all the difference and let your kids decide as well. Make sure your kids have a lot of say in it.

After-School Activities

I remember when we first moved to Guatemala, we came here, and I looked at all the different after-school activities. Some schools don’t offer that, some schools do offer it.

And there are also a lot of fantastic after-school activities that are independent. Different sports, different arts, music. And this is all right there.

It’s super accessible. But the more you find out and the more you visit, the more you talk to, that will make that transition so much easier. I guarantee it.

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Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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