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Have a Goal for Moving to a New Country


Moving to a New Country – Have a Goal for the Move

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I really recommend having a reason to move out. What is your reason for moving to a new country? I have now been an ex-pat for over 20 years. I have lived in over four different countries and a lot of different states all throughout the United States, and every time I’ve moved, there was always a reason. Today we’re going to be talking about moving to a new country

First and foremost, I’ve already talked about tips before moving out and “living in the place”. Please go listen to that episode. It will completely change everything you need to know about moving because it is the most important thing you need to do before you move to the actual country.

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Reasons to Move to a New Country or State

So my first move was to London. Why did I move to London? Was to study. Then I lived in many states. In the United States. The main reasons were, and a lot of them, could be really fun, and silly reasons. They don’t have to be really serious reasons like, oh, I got a job there, or I went to study there, or my partner is there, whatever those are a little bit more serious.

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Why did I move to Colorado?

Sometimes it could just be super fun, for example, one of my main super fun reasons was I moved to Colorado, to the Rocky Mountains, because I was a ski bunny, I was a semi-pro skier. I loved skiing, and I wanted to make it much more than just the two, or three weeks out of the year that I used to do when I lived in New York. I wanted to live and be a full-on ski bunny, and I moved to the Rockies.

Why did I move to San Diego?

The next place was I got sick of being a ski bunny. I wanted the sun. So I and my ex-boyfriend moved to San Diego, California, because we wanted to feel the sun, we wanted to live on the beach, and we wanted to live in California. Those are great reasons.

Why did I move to Costa Rica and Guatemala?

Then I met my husband, and we moved to Costa Rica. And that was a little bit more of a serious reason because he was getting his master’s degree. So that was the reason for our move to Costa Rica. The next move that we did was to Guatemala. My husband is from Guatemala. He got his job in Guatemala. So we moved here because of his job. We did not have an ex-pat package, which a lot of different corporations offer. He moved here because this was his home area.

But I still moved here as an ex-pat and I moved to Antigua, Guatemala, and I have a ton of information about moving from one country to another, especially moving to Antigua, Guatemala, which I have helped hundreds of people make that move here. So please go and check that out on my site.

Why I’m going to move to Spain?

Now we have another move that is coming up. We are planning to move to Spain, and why are we planning to move to Spain?

The main reason for us moving to Spain now is because our sons are rock climbers and they want to take their rock climbing to the next level, which is going pro, and that involves teams and competitions, something that Guatemala does not offer at all. So we have reached our peak in Guatemala and that is the main reason we want to move to Spain.

Why I don’t move back to the United States?

If any of you are asking, well, why not the United States? The other main reason for us, and again, every reason is going to be a personal reason. Guatemala and Spain have a unique alliance because my husband is Guatemala and my sons are Guatemala, and I’m obviously not, but because of that beautiful citizenship, Spain allows Guatemalans once you get your visa.

And I will be doing many episodes on the process of moving to Spain. Once you have your visa from Guatemala to move to Spain, you arrive there and you can become a resident pretty quickly. But the second you become that resident, Guatemalans only can immediately apply for citizenship. So you can literally become a European Union Spaniard citizen within a year. So that is a really big goal for us.


So the most important thing out of this episode that I really recommend is once you decide where you want to move, what’s your main reason? Because that main reason is really going to defy why you want to move there and start to take all the legal steps because there’s going to be a lot of legal steps to get you guys to whatever country you decide you want to move to temporarily or eventually permanently.

This is all part of the moving to a New Country series, becoming an Expat. If you guys have not listened to the others, please make sure to go to the other episodes to get really good, solid information about moving to a new country and a lot of the steps that you need to take before doing the actual move.

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