Selling Everything and Traveling or Moving to a New Country


items and bags on the floor for selling and traveling

Today we’re going to be talking about decluttering or selling everything and traveling or moving to a new country.

We are kind of doing both. We are planning to move to Spain from Guatemala, but because we’re still waiting for our visas, we are now literally world nomads or digital nomads or whatever you want to call it because we have absolutely no home, we’re technically homeless, and we don’t have our visas yet.

Have a Packing List

Regardless, we need to clear out our house, and our goal was to have one suitcase, one carry-on, one backpack per person, and one bag for my family’s climbing stuff because they’re all climbers and that will take an entire suitcase or big backpack just for their climbing equipment.

So could you imagine, we are coming from a large three-bedroom house to bring it all down to that. So how do you even go about decluttering and selling off your shit?

Plan in Advance

The interesting thing is it could get really stressful really quickly, so you got to plan it. I have seen many of my friends who have literally saved everything until like last week. I don’t even know how they survived without having panic attacks. Although I can’t say that they did have panic attacks.

They did have massive stress attacks. I meant heart attacks. So seeing that, I started selling little by little, three, or four months in advance. So by the time last week, 95% of my stuff was sold and gone. And whatever you don’t sell, we donated.

items and bags on the floor for selling and traveling or moving to a new country

Donate some of the stuff

I mean, I can’t even tell you the amount of stuff we donated. We donated so much. But a lot of stuff you just can’t sell. A lot of people really need your stuff. And it’s funny, I kept on saying this little mantra, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Do not underestimate the stuff that you think is worthless that could be really great for others, and even try and sell first.

Try Selling Everything

I tried to sell a lot of stuff, and I was shocked. With the stuff that was being bought, you’d be surprised by what people wanted and thought. Prices are so expensive. So when you’re selling, it’s pretty low.

It’s incredible the amount of stuff and things I never thought I would sell and then stuff I thought would actually sell.

Start selling earlier

I have to say you need to get started early because by the time the last week came around and 95% to 98% of the stuff was sold and gone and donated, everybody was like, I can’t believe how organized you are.

I can’t believe how well this is moving. I’m like, it’s not. I’ve been doing this for four months. You need to understand that we accumulate so much crap, so much crap, that you need to start early. You need to start getting rid of that stuff.

Detach from stuff

The hardest part is going to be getting unemotionally detached from that stuff. Because a lot of things that you’ll be finding that you probably haven’t seen in like six months to a year, and all of a sudden like, oh, I can’t live without it.

You haven’t touched it in a year. Yes, you can. And once you do, oh, my God, the liberation, the freedom you feel you are just feeling lightweight.

It’s incredible. It took time, but let me tell you, it happened and it’s amazing. We are free, and we are on the road, and you can do it too.  Get rid of it all. And you know what? You could always buy it somewhere else. You could always get it somewhere else.

Don’t get so attached. Get rid of it. Give it to somebody. Somebody will really appreciate it so much more, even if they buy it or if you donate it.

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Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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