Can I Travel to Mexico Using Natvisa Visa Services?

Mexico is a bright and colorful country of monuments of the unique Mayan and Aztec culture, picturesque canyons, volcanoes, waterfalls, cacti, sombreros, and, of course, spicy cuisine and tequila.Travel to Mexico,in this difficult times of global Сovid bans,can be a real outlet for adventure-hungry tourists.Here is assistant Natvisa!

Travel to Mexico

On the territory of the country, there are about 67 national parks, of which 12 are considered the most beautiful in the world, in the reserves you can see unique specimens of flora and fauna, for example, Danaida Monarch butterflies, gray and humpback whales.

The number of places that are worth visiting in Mexico is so great that you can travel around the country for several months and not have time to visit all the picturesque regions.

A trip to Mexico, in these difficult times of global Сovid bans, can be a real outlet for adventure-hungry tourists. For those who are wondering “how can I travel to Mexico right now?”, there is a universal assistant – the online service Natvisa!

Who is Natvisa?

Natvisa is a website where you can easily apply online for a visa, tourist card, or any other electronic permit.

All you need is 5 minutes of free time, a computer, and a passport (valid for 6 months). The process of processing an application for an online document will take from 5 minutes to two days. You will receive information about the results of your request to the email address you specified earlier. Everything is easy and simple!

Mexico Visa.

A visa to Mexico is a document that has been used for many years by the migration service of this country to control the tourist flow. Today, it has been replaced by more universal and convenient documents – e-visa and Mexican Tourist card.

At the moment, the “traditional” visa is used for multiple and longer visits to Mexico. If you have a valid US visa or permanent residence in the United States, Japan, Canada, or one of the Schengen countries, citizens of other countries can enter Mexico without a visa and an electronic permit.

Natvisa does not, at the moment, provide regular visa services for Mexico. Perhaps, after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation will change.

Mexico Tourist Card.

Mexican tourist cards are a document that informs the migration officer that the main purpose of the owner’s visit to Mexico is tourism.

This document entitles the tourist to stay in Mexico for no more than 180 days. American citizens can travel in the border area without a tourist card or vehicle permits.

Filling out the application for the Mexico Tourist Card requires minimal personal information. You will only need to enter basic data about yourself (first name, last name), citizenship, date of birth, the purpose of visit, and address of your place of residence in Mexico.

Many tourists believe that the Mexico Tourist Card is an analog of a visa on arrival, because it functions in the same way, even though it is technically not a visa.

Travel to Mexico in 2021.

Tourists arriving in Mexico in 2021 prefer resorts and beaches of the Caribbean Sea, although the Pacific coast is considered less crowded.

The most visited resort on the Caribbean coast in Mexico is Cancun. Why do tourists choose to stay in Cancun? It is located on a long and narrow sand spit. One part of the coastline faces the bay, where the water is always calm. The second part-with strong waves, surfers and young people like to relax here. There are excellent hotels and developed infrastructure, and it is also convenient to visit archaeological sites from Cancun (for example, the pyramids in Tulum and the ruins of the city of Koba).

Riviera Maya is a 140-kilometer tourist area with wide beaches south of Cancun. Among vacationers in Mexico, the most popular is the young resort of Playa del Carmen, which grew up on the site of fishing villages. There are spacious, sparsely populated beaches, all conditions for snorkeling and diving are created. Nearby are the Xel-Ha and Xcaret National Parks.

Among diving and fishing enthusiasts, the island of Cozumel is very popular: there is a huge coral reef, luxury hotels, and dive clubs. Most of the island is occupied by the jungle.

Acapulco, the country’s busiest resort, is located on the Pacific coast. In the last century, it was a favorite resort of American millionaires, and still, many tourists who come to Mexico prefer to relax there. The city is famous for its hot climate and active nightlife.

Los Cabos is a luxury resort. The main contingent of vacationers — rich Americans. Here, the most expensive hotels, and the price level is higher than in Acapulco. Athletes and SPA fans prefer to relax in Puerto Vallarta.

If you want a relaxing beach holiday in Mexico, pay attention to the resorts of Punta de Mita, Costa Alegre, Huatulco, and Puerto Escondido on the Pacific coast.

Covid 19 Entry Protocols for Mexico.

During the entire phase of the global coronavirus pandemic, Mexico did not impose any restrictions on the entry of tourists.

Tourists staying in Mexico do not need the results of a PCR test, vaccination, or the presence of antibodies. At the same time, at local airports, passengers are selectively given rapid breath tests. And in case of a positive result, the person will be sent to isolation in special accommodation facilities.

Upon arrival in Mexico, you will also need to fill out a special questionnaire (“health form”), which will be issued a QR code. It will need to be scanned when entering and leaving the country. Also in these countries, the standards of epidemiological safety are observed. Outside of the resorts, you must wear masks and maintain a social distance.

Visiting Mexico by Air or Land.

Are you planning to arrive in Mexico by plane or by private car? No problems. Whichever you choose, the Tourist Card is valid for both.

Keep in mind some travelers will require a visa and a Tourist Card. You can see a constantly updated list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa on Natvisa.

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

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