Can I Travel to Mexico Without a Visa?

As everyone describes, Mexico is the land of extremes with deep canyons and high soaring mountains; deserts in the north, south, and east are covered with dense forests. But apart from its contradictory and complementary geography, what makes Mexico a unique and adventurous place is the culture, food, history, and much more, which everyone can experience first-hand, but do you need a visa to travel to Mexico?

So, in this post, we will explore the options of how and when you can travel to Mexico, what documentation you would need to get a visa, the best time to travel, what you can experience in terms of nature, culture, food and the history and much more! 

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Kid standing in front of a huge mexico city sign at the airport
Many countries don’t need a visa to travel to Mexico, if you’re from one of those countries listed here all you need now is to follow the country’s rules and a valid passport.

Do we need a Visa to Travel to Mexico? 

Great news! Mexico has started 180 days of visa on arrival for most qualifying countries. So, if you are a passport holder of one of these qualifying countries, you can travel to Mexico without applying for it prior.

Or if you have a visa – USA (B1/ B2), UK visitor, Schengen Visitor, Japan Visitor, and Canadian Visitor visa on your current passport, then irrespective of your passport (Blue/ Black), you are still eligible for 180 days of visa on arrival.

So, here is the list of the countries for both qualifying and non-qualifying, along with the visa FORM and documentation required for the application – https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/

Mexico is home to a wide range of stunning landscape and one of them are cenotes, giving it a lot of extra value to the fact that you may not need a visa to visit them.

What is Next? Explore Mexico!

Mexico is excellent for all travelers, whether family, honeymoon couples, business, or adventure groups. A country of 31 states and districts has much to offer because of its diversity and rich cultural history.

The best time to travel to the country will depend on the region you are visiting and the season since it is a vast country. But vaguely, the seasons are best described as follows – 

  • Dry season and the best time to visit Mexico – November to April 
  • Rainy/ Wet season – May to October 
  • Hurricane period (Mostly on the Caribbean coast) – June to November 
  • Seaweed season (Best time to avoid beaches) – March to October 

But you can check the local weather forecast when you plan for Mexico

If you are wondering about the turquoise blue ocean water and want to experience the best snorkeling experience, rest assured that Mexico has the second longest barrier reef in the world, the “Mesoamerican Reef”, which is 700 miles long. 

The vibrant colors of Mexico are the true reflection of its culture and the rich historical background from which it comes. Mexico has experienced three main eras: The Mayan, Spanish Colonial, and Modern Mexico.

If you are keen to see the genuine cultural part of the country, then visit its three main festivals – The Day of the Dead, which is in November, Independence Day, and Revolution Day. 

Here are the key places that I suggest you visit in Mexico

  • Mexico City 
  • Puerto Vallarta 
  • Tulum – Best place for Snorkelling 
  • Cancun (If you fancy good and luxury resorts at the beach) 
  • Playa Del Carmen 
  • Bacalar 
  • Guided tour to Chichen Itza 
  • Guadalajara 
  • And more 

But it depends on your length of stay. To experience authentic Mexican culture, you must plan your trip wisely and divide the days according to the travel time and the places to visit in that particular destination.

I recommend a minimum stay of two weeks, but if your itinerary allows, increase it to three to four weeks.

Officially, Spanish is the most spoken language in Mexico, but the country’s government has identified 69 other languages, out of which 63 are indigenous, with 350 dialects. Therefore, I recommend that you learn Spanish or download an app that can translate to Spanish fluently, like Babble. 

On the other hand, you can book guided tours, most of them have an English-speaking person.

tacos and other mexican dishes on top of a table.
Mexican food is well-known across the world, but the true flavors are experienced in the country, make sure to visit a taqueria to try local tacos!

Experience Authentic Mexican Food and Drinks

Mexican food has gained popularity in various other destinations, so why not make the most of it in its home country? It is not just in the attire and culture; you can also see the vibrancy in their food.

It’s cooked with so much passion and love, yet subtle. Here is my list of food that you must try in restaurants in Mexico:

  • Chilaquiles 
  • Tacos 
  • Burritos 
  • Quesadillas 
  • Enchiladas 
  • Volcanos
  • Tortas 
  • Tortillas 
  • Pozole 
  • Soup Azteca 
  • Finally, ending with Churros 

Mexico is the home of Tequila and cocktails like Margaritas, so if you are here, you must try different cocktails at the bars and restaurants. Have you ever wondered if you could have Tequila in your morning coffee?

No, right, but trust it is a must-try on the list. Along with Tequila, here are some more drinks that you can taste:

  • Beer 
  • Mezcal 
  • Aqua Frescas 
  • Agua Horchata 
  • and more 

📖 Recommended Reading: If you’re looking for more useful information, check out Oaxacan Mezcal and Everything You Need to Know About it

I recommend you do food tours in Mexico or workshops, it’s the best way to experience the local cuisine.

Regarding drinking water, it is advisable always to buy water bottles from the nearest shop and not drink water from the tap as it is not considered safe and clean.

If you wish to refill your large water bottles, water filter machines are available at every corner. Since water is unsafe, refrain from buying ice from outside. 

The country has a tipping culture; therefore, you must tip about 10% -20 % of the restaurant/ Bar bill and tip the server/waitperson. If you have hired a tour guide or boat tour guide, they will expect you to tip them to 10%. 

People of the country

Mexicans are well known for their polite, friendly nature. If you have recently picked up the Spanish language, they will appreciate and be patient with your fluency. 

Mexicans are very proud of their national sport, Charreria, an equestrian sport that incorporates livestock herding and bull riding, much like rodeo. Mexicans consist of 75% of Catholics in the world. 


Although money exchange shops are available at the airport and in different areas of the country, their exchange rate will be higher because of their fees. But I suggest downloading Google Pay and using a Visa card for ATM withdrawals.

Use Legitimate bank ATMs like HSBC, Scotiabank, and Santander Bank. Otherwise, you might face situations where the money withdrawn will be less than the amount deducted from your account. You can check the latest money currency exchange rate at XE.com. 

Travel to and within Mexico

Mexico International Airport is connected with many other nations and has access via direct flights to the city airport. But along with Main airport, there are direct flights to Cancun and other destinations in Mexico.

To travel to your hotel from the airport, book airport transfers at Booking.com or rent a car with your international driving license at the counters like Airbus or idrive car rent. 

Uber is only available in Mexico City. Using the Pink and white registered Meter taxis is advisable primarily for other areas to avoid scams. There are luxury buses to travel within the country; you can even use the Metro or routine buses in Mexico City. 

Need to Rent a Car?

Rent a car here, it’s one of the best options to go for if your car stops working or is stuck at the mechanic getting services.

woman and man holding drinks at a outdoor beach restaurant in cancun
Mexico is also home to some of the top-notch beaches in the world, being Cancun on top of the list, welcoming millions of tourists each year.


Although the country doesn’t pose any restrictions, I recommend that you get the following vaccines: 

  • COVID 
  • Typhoid 
  • Hepatitis A & B 

Another thing that would make you feel relaxed is that the pharmacies are located at every corner of the road. You can purchase the medicines you need over the counter, which are not expensive. 


We understand that there are a lot of articles in the media about the country and its safety issues, but we can assure you that you will be acceptable within the country. There are alert police officers and army men around the corner of the city all the time to ensure our safety and security.

You can walk along the roads and safely enjoy your time in the country. So, we rate the country 100% safe. 

Natural Disasters

Mexico is home to many volcanoes; the most active is outside the city. Therefore, during your travels to Mexico, you might experience an earthquake. Hurricanes are a regular feature on the Caribbean coast (June to November).

Apart from the hurricane, check for the weather forecast for storms and their effects on mudslides and possible closure of the routes. It is better to come with a little more planning. 

Travel Insurance

Accidents do not happen without prior notice, and it is best to get travel insurance before you begin your journey. It should cover your health coverage regarding medical assistance, lost property during the travel, and others.

You can look up the best travel insurance with the help of travel agents and get yourself and your loved ones covered. 

Things to Pack

Mexico uses the same plug point as the USA; therefore, you should add the adapter to your list similar to the USA along with Power bank. In terms of clothing, although in most locations you can choose to wear shorts and shirts, or dresses as per your mood. But it might become windy and cold when it rains in different areas.

Therefore, keeping a raincoat, wind blocker, and a sweater will make your stay comfortable. If you are heading to the beach destinations, carry a hat, sunblock, slippers, quick dry towel and shorts, bug spray, and snorkeling kit.

As it might rain, it will be advisable to bring one waterproof bag for all your electronics. 

Don’t Know What to Pack?

I’ve been traveling for over 30 years, and know exactly what you need, check out the essential things to pack for a successful trip.


Mexico caters to all sorts of tourists; therefore, travel to a luxury resort is available in the country to accommodate a budget hostel. You can look for accommodations within your budget on Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and Booking.com.

There are laundromats available in the country, which are primarily cost-effective, whereas getting your laundry cleaned in the hotel might cost you above 300 USD. You can choose your package with your accommodation if you want all-inclusive or with breakfast or just the room. 




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Budget Options

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Applications that help you travel better in Mexico

Some apps can help your duration in Mexico be much more manageable and fun-filled. Like Babble for translation, Google Maps for your guidance to the nearest restaurants or another city, ETN Turistar to move around Mexico, get accessible WIFI in restaurants and cabs, book a taxi and look for tourist destinations, Apple Pay to make your payments easier and Rappi for your google eats. 

Be the first one to experience the indigenous culture, get the opportunity to visit their small towns and festivities, and enjoy their food and drinks. Get to know the people of Mexico! Travel to Mexico now! Your culturally infused and most adventurous trips await you in Mexico!

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Last Updated on November 5, 2023

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