A Day In The Cruise Port Of Cozumel, Mexico Royal Caribbean

No matter what anyone says, visiting an area, country, or whatever you want to call the place you are experiencing for the day as a Port day is NOT really visiting that country. As long as you are fully aware that you will NOT be experiencing the cultural of the place you are going to or checking it off your bucket list as a place you’ve been to, you’ll be fine. We learned that during our Cozumel Port Day.

Once you totally accept that, you can have a blast! I look at Port Day as a ride at an amusement park. 

The Royal Caribbean Port Day stop for Liberty of the Seas cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. I know Mexico has many family friendly places to visit and things to do. but Conzumel is a must-visit.

Judging from these Pictures – do you really think this is what Cozumel, Mexico is really like?

Donkey or Horse

dunkey at Cozumel Port

Useless Trinkets Anyone?

trinkets in conzumel port, mexico stop family friendly cruise

 Or Skulls

royal caribbean port cozumel

Don’t forget the Sombreros

hats at royal caribbean port cozumel

Maybe It Can Be a Good Idea

kis with a hat in cozumel royal caribbean port

Do you think these are real Maya Indigenous Indians?

representations of mayans in cozumel mexico royal caribbean

Ok, This was definitely the Best Part of the Afternoon

cozumel cruise port royal caribbean

Cozumel Port Day, Mexico – Royal Caribbean


Last Updated on May 9, 2022

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