Benny’s on the Beach, Lake Worth, Florida: Best Beach Restaurant


bennys on the beach lake worth florida

Today we’re going to be talking about Benny’s on the beach in Florida. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

I have been hearing about this restaurant for quite some time. I really enjoy restaurants that are on the waterfront I was staying at my parent’s house in West Palm Beach, and I’ve been to many places here. I actually have entire podcasts about what to do and see and all the cool activities of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. So make sure to go and check those out.

I really wanted to go to a really local-style restaurant but on the beach. And that’s how I found Benny’s On the Beach where they literally say every day is a vacation.

Benny’s On The Beach, Lake Worth, Florida

Benny’s On The Beach is located on Lake Worth Beach, which is about 30 minutes from West Palm Beach. It’s in the Lake Worth area, and it’s located on the beach.

The interesting thing about this restaurant is it’s on the beach on the pier. You do need to make reservations. They get crazy busy. It is a seafood restaurant. At first, it looks like a pretty local divestyle, but the food there, interestingly enough, is excellent.

bennys on the beach lake worth


They have all these different drinks. It is not cheap at all. I mean, the drinks began at around $15- $20, and obviously, the appetizers and seafood could range anywhere from $20 dollars to $50 dollars. So just remember, I wouldn’t even say mid-range. It’s definitely on the higher end.


Since it is located on the beach, you have to park in the parking lot and you have to pay. It’s a metered parking lot, and it is used for the beach, the pier, and the restaurant. It can get really, really busy as well. Sometimes it can take you a while just to find the parking space because there are not enough parking spots for all the activities that are going on in that area.


They do have live music in the bar area in the front. So if you’re into that you could go then the music, to be honest, is not that great, but it’s a fun experience. We ended up sitting on the actual outdoors right next to the pier, which I personally think is the best because you’re on the ocean. It’s like the whole beach vibe feeling going on.

bennys on the beach


They do have indoor dining, they have upstairs dining. But I would recommend if you’re going to be making a reservation, do it outdoors. Obviously, this is when it’s not super crazy hot, because when it’s super crazy hot, you don’t want to be anywhere near outdoors. But it was a beautiful evening. It was perfect for us.


So if you have a chance to go and visit the place, maybe make a day of it, go and hang out on the beach. First, you don’t need to make reservations before 5:00 p.m. And the other caveat is if you have eight people or more, you have to call the restaurant directly to make the reservations as well.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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