Palm Beach Florida: What to Do, What to See and Where to Go


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Palm Beach is literally just a few minutes away from West Palm Beach. Though, it has a completely different feel to it overall. First, it’s considered to be literally one of the richest zip codes in the United States and, perhaps, there are a ton of things to do and amazing attractions to check. Today we’re going to be talking about Palm Beach, Florida.

Palm Beach, Florida

If you’re not from the United States, a zip code is for postal purposes of towns, neighborhoods, and areas that we have in the US. Palm Beach has a different zip code than West Palm Beach, and that’s why it’s considered to be one of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States. It’s literally where we have billionaires row, which is located right along the ocean or facing the other waterway if you’re into those kinds of things.

Walk Around Worth Avenue

Some people love that you could take a tour looking at who lives where like different celebrities. Also, celebrity spotting is definitely a thing to do in Palm Beach. Not really my thing to do, but a lot of people enjoy doing those kinds of things. So it’s definitely something that’s available for you to go and do. And you could probably find a lot of celebrities walking around Worth Avenue.

What is Worth Avenue? It’s literally Rodeo Drive, the Fifth Avenue of Florida. Overall, and especially obviously in Palm Beach, it’s all high-end designer shops, very trendy, very high-end dining.

The dining, I have to admit, is quite delicious, obviously, because they do have some of the top chefs in the world in quite a few of the restaurants around there.

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Breakers Resort

Also, Palm Beach is known for the iconic Breakers Resort, which was one of the very first of that type of resort.  Super high-end. We’re talking like the 1% of the 1% that go there. It is really amazing. We did stay there several times, and we’ve eaten in quite a lot of the restaurants they have around their properties. If you are up for trying something that’s definitely decadent on all levels.

the breakers resort

The Circle

If you do want to feel rich for the day, you don’t necessarily have to stay there. You can go to their world-famous Sunday brunch, which is in The Circle. It’s one of their most beautiful restaurants. And today, I think it’s like $155 per person. That does not include tax or tip. So you’re talking about $200 per person. The magnitude of food you will get there is as you could just imagine.

Palm Beach is not a place to go where you are going to be thrifty, this is where you will be spending money simply because you are in Palm Beach.

Walk Along the Beaches

Also, what I really recommend doing other than obviously walking along the beaches above the boardwalk. And if you have a bike, an amazing five-and-a-half-mile flat, gorgeous bike trail that takes you to these most hidden beaches all along Palm Beach. It’s really fantastic. I highly recommend you do that. You could do that with your kids. A great way to spend the day. Absolutely. And then go to the beaches.

beach in palm beach fl

Equestrian Scene

I did mention the Equestrian scene, which is a world scene. It’s in Wellington. It’s actually a town maybe 15 minutes away where you can see Polo. You could go to all these different events, but the majority of people do stay in Palm Beach. So these are just some of the things that you will be enjoying when you’re staying in Palm Beach.

Walk Around the Streets

The streets are just perfect and everything is manicured. It’s a gorgeous place to visit, even if you only have half a day to walk around and visit. I highly recommend it.

palm beach building an clock

Things to Know Before Going

Beaches Don’t Have Public Bathrooms

A couple of things you do need to know about the beaches. A lot of them do not have public bathrooms. There are some beaches that are part of national parks, which do have all the amenities you need, which are usually free. So just do have that in mind. You cannot just go to any hotel or restaurant or store to go use the bathroom. Definitely, something you need to understand.

If You Can’t Afford to eat There

If you cannot afford to eat at any of their more expensive restaurants or to even eat there, you could literally go 15 minutes into West Palm Beach. Literally go west, 15 minutes, super close. And then you have an entire array of more diversity and much more affordable places.

Please listen to my podcast on West Palm Beach to get a much better idea of what there is to do in West Palm Beach as well. But again, Palm Beach, it’s a place of elegance, decadence, and a lot of money.

It was more or less I don’t want to say it was founded, but the person that really put it on the map was Flagler, who was this tycoon. And you could actually go and visit Flagler house where he resided. It’s a 60,000-square-foot house with over 70 rooms, and it’s now a museum, so you could go and visit that. And he was the man that pretty much brought all the money people to the area. And so there is that history as well to Palm Beach.

Best Time To Visit Palm Beach

The busiest time of the year is obviously when the snowbirds and the horse season, the equestrian season is, and it’s usually from November through April.

I’ve been there in all different seasons. I personally love it more when it’s really slow and quiet because you have the whole place to yourself, but obviously, it’s when your schedule works best for you. And even in the highest season, it’s still not that crowded. It’s not that kind of scene as you would get if you were to go to Fort Lauderdale or Miami. It’s very low-key, very upper scale, and it’s amazing.

weeding palm beach clock tower


I highly recommend visiting Palm Beach, even if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money there. Or maybe you do have the money to spend, or you just want to feel really wealthy for a day and visit the brunch. It’s a place that I highly recommend visiting. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a great place to have fun.

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

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