5 Handy Travel Skincare Tools to Carry on your Next Trip

Whether you are catching a domestic plane or an international plane, it is vital to carry your beauty essentials while traveling. While you cannot carry all your beauty products including makeup items, all your favorite perfumes, you have to decide just the essentials to carry with you. Here’s a list of must-have skincare tools you need to have with you when you are traveling. One of the most important things to remember when traveling is to keep your skin hydrated. Read some Travel Skincare Tips.

This is because being inside a plane for a couple of hours or driving for a couple of hours can have an impact on our skin by making it dehydrated. While your foundation, lipstick, and your mascara are the main makeup tools you will carry with you, we have come up with a simple yet vital list you shouldn’t miss out in your handbag. Travel-friendly skincare tools that you can use to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Here, you will learn all about skincare tools.

Travel Skincare Tools

5 Handy Travel Skincare Tools


A lot of males and females around the world seem to easily underestimate the importance of carrying their sunscreen when traveling. When you refer to sunscreen, it’s not just about picking up a random lotion or sunscreen you pick up from any supermarket and apply with a rush just before taking a dip in the beautiful ocean. Pick a brand that you can trust and ensure it carries SPF 15 or higher UVB protection. This means you can enjoy heaven on earth anywhere around the world, not worrying about UV rays.


It is so important to increase the hydration of your skin when traveling. Especially if you are on a long-hour flight, there are high chances of your skin getting dry and dehydrated due to cabin pressure. It is also a common fact that we drink less water when traveling, which makes our skin get even more dehydrated. Keep a moisturizer near you, so you can keep your skin still looking fresh and fabulous even after a long hour of travel.

Make sure to take your favorite travel-size hand cream or face cream in your handbag, so you can keep your hands and face drying out

Jade Roller

Jade roller has now become a beauty trend around the world, while the Instagram feed of every beauty model showcases them. These Jade Rollers have been used by Chinese women in their beauty regime for centuries. The upward motion of the roller creates a smooth facial massage which helps to increase blood circulation while reducing puffiness on the face.

Especially when catching a plane, due to lack of sleep, odd hours of traveling your face and eyes tend to get puffy and dry. Jade rollers can be such a lifesaver to massage your face to give it a boost of freshness while helping those puffy eyes and skin. Sometimes at home by keeping ice cubes on our tired eyes after a long day, they feel super refreshed. This is the exact feeling you can expect from the cool jade stone. The small stone of the Jade roller can be used around the eyes to help with puffiness by giving a cooling and soothing massage from the Jade Roller. We have tried this couple of years back and never looked back since then. Jade roller gets into the tote bag before any other beauty items.

Face mask

We all know that wearing a face mask even at home doesn’t make us look pretty. But the beauty of a face mask is that it can help us create beautiful skin while making your skin feel nourished once you remove it. While counting hours to land at your next destination or while watching a movie, why not take your pomegranate face mask or lemon face mask and rest and relax. You can find masks with vitamin C, aloe vera, which can work wonders when traveling. They not only add hydration to your skin, but they also help calm acne and help your skin cope with the stress of traveling.

Got your Jade roller with you? Simply wear your face mask and keep rolling upwards, to let the healing nutrients of the mask penetrate deeper into your skin, which will make you feel nourished and revitalized. You will even forget that you traveled for such a long time.

Hydrating skin mist

If you haven’t tried a skin mist after a long haul, you don’t know what you are missing! Most of us will apply new makeup right before getting off the plane or will touch up previous makeup. Next time you travel, try a hydrating mist and give yourself a spritz of the spray of your skin mist. Make sure you use a brand made with natural ingredients or organic ingredients so that you are spraying only goodness to your face. This will not only help keep makeup right on the spot, it will also give a touch of freshness to your face during travel day long. If you are seeing your bestie after a long time or catching up with your boyfriend after a long time, using a skin mist will definitely help you create a great impression. It will also empower you with a feel-good factor feeling fresh and energized.

Last Updated on March 19, 2022

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