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Traveling with Pets – Best Places to Bring a Dog on Vacation

It’s becoming increasingly harder for us travelers to leave our best mate at home anymore! With the increase of luxury hotels across the country accommodating our fury four-legged monsters it seems only fair they come along on the next family holiday! Three places in the United States where you can have an awesome vacation with your pet.Check out this post to learn about traveling with pets.

Like all pet owners, I’m a sucker for my pooch. I’ve spoils him rotten and proud of it! There’s not a treat or toy that he doesn’t get whenever I’m at the pet shop. There’s actually times when I won’t leave town because I have to leave that stinky goon at home.

Well the good news is we don’t have to anymore!

traveling with pets

Over the past decade there’s been an increase of 65% of major hotel chains allowing Fido onto the grounds. Even a handful of luxury hotels are joining the movement allowing poochie the best accommodations money can buy. It’s easy to see why more and more travelers are venturing into the core of America’s best cities with pocket full of treats, leash in hand and poop bags in their back pocket.

Looking at the many wonderful cities of America, I wanted to create a list of top destinations that one might find pure bliss with their fury friend on their next family holiday.

1. San Francisco, CA
The City by the Bay! Home to the greatest seafood chowder in sourdough bowls and America’s #1 best city for traveling with pets on Smart Asset analyzed data of the number of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, hotels and shopping districts. San Francisco is literally a field day for dogs and dog owners with ample space throughout these iconic city.

Places to Visit
• Golden Gate Park
• Public Parks such as Crissy Fields, Alta Plaza, Lafayette Park, Buena Vista Park and many more scattered throughout the city.
• Beaches which include Baker Beach and Pacific State Beach
• Visit the neighborhood cafes and restaurants of Haight-Ashbury, North Beach and Nob Hill that have made San Francisco a mecca for international travelers.

2. Boston, MA
Beantown welcomes Fido with open arms! Put on your Red Sox cap and hit this historic city with your family and dog. Stretch your legs on the epic Freedom Trail by visiting some of America’s most historic sites such as Bunker Hill in Charles town, the charming neighborhood of Beacon Hill and the home of Paul Revere in the essence filled North End.

Boston is jammed packed with family/dog friendly activities and neighborhoods during peak season, even the luxurious Westin Copley Place accepts pooch.

Places to Visit:
• Peter’s Park
• Carson Beach, Castle Island Beach
• Neponset Trail
• Pawsh Dog Boutique
• Boston Commons, Boston Public Garden
• Belle Isle Marsh
• The Esplanade

3. Aspen, CO
One of the great things regarding ski towns is they are absolutely dog-friendly just about every where you go. Canines are permitted into majority of hotels, bars, shops and welcomed on just about every restaurant patio.

I’ve even seen full sized dogs with their very own seats in coffee houses (no coffee though) or hitching a joyride on their owner’s paddle boards. No need to take the dog for a walk when you could just go skijoring? Aspen has integrated dogs thoroughly into the city culture making Aspen one of the best destinations in America.

Wonderful dog friendly accommodations include Aspen Meadow Resort, Hotel Aspen, Sky Hotel and Molly Gibson Lodge

4. Austin, Texas
Heading south to Texas only means good things for your traveling with pets. Austin is a young and vibrant city that cradle the thought of having their pooch with them everywhere you go. Making Austin another special dog friendly destination. According to lawyer Jeremy Diamond, “dog bites are unfortunately a common occurrence in public places, keeping a close eye on your dog at all times and knowing their triggers will keep both the dog owner and everyone else safe.”

Majority of restaurants and hotels now allow our fury friends a place to rest their heads. Enabling us to experience one of America’s fastest growing city’s of the south without leaving pooch at home.

Places to Visit:
• Red Bud Isle
• Emma Long Metro Park
• Barton Creek Greenbelt Preserve
• Walnut Creek
• The Domain
• Mills Pond

America is a wonderful country and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be visiting all the wonderful sites and cities that lay within, even Fido! Time to plan that next holiday and don’t forget to bring the ENTIRE family this time.

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