Tlacolula Market, Oaxaca: All You Need To Know Before You Go


bbq tlacolula market oaxaca mexico

Tlacolula is also known as Martin Gonzalez. Tlacolula is the actual village, which is about 45 minutes outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. The reason why we found out about this market is when we did our Mezcal Tour, which I have an entire podcast about. You need to go and listen to that. It was recommended to be one of the unique markets.

There are so many markets in Oaxaca to get a try on the Oaxacan food. If you don’t have time to go to this particular market, it’s okay, but it is a cool market to go to if you’re going to be doing something like a Mezcal Tour, and Hierve El Agua Tour, (I have an entire podcast about Hierve El Agua, so make sure you go to check it out).

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Tlacolula Market, Oaxaca

We stopped at the tlacolula Market for breakfast before heading off to Hierve El agua as a good way to break it up because it takes about 2 hours to Hierve el Agua. This is kind of right in the middle of it, and we wanted to check out a new market.

woman bbq tlcolula market oaxaca

It’s Huge

The market is actually on the inside, and all surrounding it is kind of leading up to the market, but it is streets of vendors upon vendors. We’re talking about tons of different streets from all over the place. There are parking lots absolutely everywhere, so it’s really easy to find. And you could go into the market, walk around.

Local Market

It’s a local market. They do have huge sections for the bread because everything in Oaxaca is all about food and mezcal and bread. So you can pretty much find both of those things in that market. And it was a really cool little place to check out. We didn’t spend more than an hour there.

street stand tlacolula market oaxaca

So if you have that time to go and see it while you’re doing another tour, highly recommended. But if you are going to go just for that, I would not recommend going just to see that.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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