Chocolate Mayordomo, Oaxaca: Where the Locals Buy


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Today we’re going to be talking about where the locals get their chocolate in Oaxaca. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Oaxaca is known for its food and several things, chocolate, and moles. I mean, like, this is the culinary hub of Mexico and one of the most important components of their food is chocolate.

Chocolate is used for quite a lot of things, mole being one of them. Make sure you go and listen to my Oaxacan mole podcast to really understand how important mole is and the different kinds of moles they have.

Chocolate is used in a couple of the actual mole, some of the best moles that you would actually taste. What’s interesting is there is this chain all over Oaxaca, and only in Oaxaca called Mayordomo.

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Chocolate El Mayordomo, Oaxaca

Mayordomo literally means butler, and it’s a really cool logo. It’s like a hand serving your hot chocolate.

Mayordomo is a store. It is everywhere. They even have some that are like restaurants, but the majority of them are usually smaller shops where you buy chocolate.

What’s fascinating about MayorDomo, first, it’s where the locals go. I know sometimes you look at chains, and you’re like, oh, this is made for tours. On the contrary, this is literally where the locals go to go and get their ground-up chocolate. It’s almost in some of the purest chocolate and the purest that you could possibly get.

Do Your Mix

Another really interesting thing is they sell you recipes. They sell up to four different recipes.

So when you mix in, you could put in cinnamon. You could put it in sugar, you could put in almonds, and obviously, with the chocolate, put in different percentages. Not only that, but you could just have chocolate and sugar. You could just have chocolate, sugar, and almond. So you get to choose and that’s the coolest thing.

Choose the Chocolate for Your Mole

On top of that, you get to choose the kind of chocolate blend you want to make for your mole. And they have just simply mole paste. So this is where people come to buy the purest ingredients to make their hot chocolate, to even make their chocolate bars, although that’s not as often or as common. And to make their mole, I honestly recommend just going and checking it out.

You can buy already done bars that you can make into hot chocolate. It’s already done with the different kinds of recipes that they have. Or if you do know what you’re doing and if you know what kind of food you want, or you have a really good recipe that you want to add the chocolate mixes into, you could get a chocolate mix and it’s an actual recipe. They go by the kilos and they’re really not that expensive. So if the locals go there, I highly recommend you check it out.


I would just recommend checking out one place like the actual stores rather than the restaurants, just to get a feel of the commotion and the fun and what they have. And a lot of times you can see them doing the grinding and the mixing right there in front of you. Also, if you have the time, visit El Tule Tree, right there in Oaxaca.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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