Thule Backpack Crossover Review: A Backpack That is an Addiction

“I’m addicted to my backpack,” my husband announced after using it for work. His work isn’t the kind that you head to an office and put the Thule backpack by your desk side, but rather going out in the field and, when the task calls for, getting down and dirty with sleeves rolled up. 

That’s why he loved his Thule backpack! And specifically the Thule Crossover 32L backpack  

My reaction to his new ‘addiction’ was, “How is that even possible?” And his answer was super simple – “The Thule bag is so perfectly organized.”

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a guy sitting in a rock on top of mountain while wearing a Thule Crossover 32L Backpack
My husband and I have been huge fans of Thule bags for many years, the way it feels on the back is comfy, and the materials are sturdy enough to be a work backpack!

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack

8 out of 10

The best backpack you will find on the market right now, you can easily fit everything you need and have a laptop pocket and a crushproof pocket



10 out of 10

The materials feel sturdy and well-made, good quality

Look & Feel

7 out of 10

The Thule bag looks and feels good, the zippers are smooth.

Ease of Use

7.5 out of 10

It has many pockets to fit everything you need


7 out of 10

The price is good in quality-price relation, but it may be pricey.

My Thule Backpack Review

Before my husband got full ownership of the Thule bag, there was a mini-battle going on between him and my oldest son. Both fell in love with it immediately. 

But since my son’s life is pretty low-key, my hubby needed a more durable bag. And quite frankly, he’s the adult, and he gets to choose.

I’ve been a huge fan of Thule for many, many years. Especially during my ski bunny days living in the Colorado Rockies, and never thought of them as a good backpack outlet. 

But after tons of research for a durable bag, we found the Thule Crossover 32L Backpack.

It also has tons of space for at least a 17-inch laptop, a sleeve for a tablet, and a crush-proof compartment for delicate items like sunglasses. That’s not including all the other compartments.

Information for Thule

This is the kind of Thule bag that I say – you had me at ‘addiction’. It is hard to top that line.

And, ironically, now that I look back on all my other Thule products, this is exactly how I would classify the company. It’s a good type of addiction. And one I would recommend to everyone.

Thule is a well-known brand that produces a variety of outdoor and travel gear, including backpacks. 

Thule’s backpacks are designed for different purposes and activities, and they offer a range of features and styles to suit the needs of various users.

Other Thule Backpacks

The Thule Crossover 32l is the backpack of choice, at least for my family, but Thule has other amazing options available for a range of specific purposes including rugged outdoor activities for students and commuters among others.

Below, we take a look at some of my recommendations (besides the Thule Crossover 32L).

The Thule Versant backpack is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy activities like hiking and camping. 

It’s designed to be durable, versatile, and packed with features suitable for outdoor adventures. 

The Thule Versant backpacks often feature an adjustable torso length, allowing users to customize the fit for greater comfort during extended hikes.

Thule Men's Versant Backpacking Pack, Fjord, 50 L

Best Option for Backpackers

Anything can happen while you’re on the road. So, BE PREPARED for it!

Get a Thule Versant Backpacking Pack before you start your journey

a man in the woods wearing a thule bag
The Thule Versant backpack is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and a great alternative for those looking for a more complete and bigger option.

These backpacks are typically equipped with hydration reservoir sleeves and ports for routing a drinking tube, making it convenient to stay hydrated on the trail.

Versant backpacks are available in different sizes and capacities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs for a day hike or a multi-day expedition.

The Thule EnRoute backpack is a popular choice known for its quality and design, and it’s typically designed for urban and everyday use, making it suitable for students, professionals, and commuters.

These backpacks often come with multiple pockets and compartments to help you keep your items organized. This can include pockets for pens, keys, smartphones, and other small accessories.

Thule EnRoute Backpack

Best Option for Commuters

Anything can happen while you’re on the road. So, BE PREPARED for it!

Get Thule EnRoute Backpack before you start your journey

a man wearing a black thule bag
The Crossover 30L or 32L is great for commuting, travel, and many other purposes, it comes with several benefits like a dedicated laptop pocket and stretchable pockets.

The EnRoute backpack typically features padded shoulder straps and a back panel designed for comfort during extended use.

The Thule Crossover 2.0 30L backpack is pretty much identical to our family favorite, the Crossover 32L and it’s suitable for a variety of purposes, including commuting and travel.

This backpack includes a padded compartment for safely storing laptops and tablets. It can accommodate laptops up to a certain size, typically around 15 inches.

This is in comparison to our 32L, which can hold a 17-inch laptop pretty well and a tablet. A really great backpack for digital nomads.

The Crossover 2.0 features various pockets and compartments, including an organizational panel for smaller items like pens, keys, and smartphones.

Thule Crossover 2 Laptop Backpack, 30L

Best Alternative

Anything can happen while you’re on the road. So, BE PREPARED for it!

Get Thule Crossover 2 Laptop Backpack before you start your journey

a man holding a wind toy during sunset
An EDC (Everyday Carry) backpack is a bag pack used on a daily basis to carry essential items a person uses regularly.

What Is An EDC Backpack, and Why Are They So Great?

An EDC (Everyday Carry) backpack is a type of backpack designed for individuals to carry essential items they use regularly or expect to need during their daily activities. 

EDC backpacks are typically designed with organization, accessibility, and functionality in mind. They are often used by students, commuters, professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who needs to carry various items daily.

Most people do not take into account that you might need a few different compartments and extra pockets in your bag. Typically, people will buy backpacks for their school days or travel backpacks for their everyday use. 

For simply getting around town and staying organized we suggest getting an EDC like the Thule Crossover 30L or 32L as great options. 

Last Updated on November 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Thule Backpack Crossover Review: A Backpack That is an Addiction

  1. Looks like the perfect backpack for an active traveler. I haven’t tried Thule products yet but have heard only good things about them.

  2. I have never tried that brand before and it maybe the time to try it now. I am in need of a backpack. I was somehow pushed to get a coach backpack but it seems like it didn’t have a lot of room and pockets I needed for what I need. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hey Marc,

      I don’t know about coach, but we love our Thule backpack 🙂

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