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Thule Backpack Crossover Review: A Backpack That is an Addiction

“I’m addicted to my backpack,” my husband announced after using it for work. His work isn’t the kind that you head to an office and put the Thule bag by your desk side, but rather going out in the field and, when the task calls for, getting down and dirty with sleeves rolled up. That’s why he loved his Thule backpack!

a guy wearing a Thule Backpack on his back

My reaction to his new ‘addiction’ was, “how is that even possible?” And his answer was super simple – “The thule bag is sooo perfectly organized.”

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My Thule Backpack Review

Before my husband got full ownership of the thule bag, there was a mini-battle going on between him and my oldest son. Both fell in love it with immediately. But since my son’s life is pretty low-key, my hubby needed a more durable bag. And quite frankly, he’s the adult, and he gets to choose.

I’ve been a huge fan of Thule for many, many years. Especially during my ski bunny days living in the Colorado Rockies, and never thought of them as a good backpack outlet. But after tons of research for a durable bag, we found Thule Crossover 32L Backpack.

It also has tons of space for at least a 17-inch laptop, a sleeve for a tablet, and a crush-proof compartment for delicate like sunglasses. That’s not including all the other compartments.

thule backpack open with many pockets and space

Information for Thule

This is the kind of Thule bag that I say – you had me at ‘addiction’. It is hard to top that line.

And, ironically, now that I look back on all my other Thule products, this is exactly how I would classify the company. It’s a good type of addiction. And one I would recommend to everyone.

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6 thoughts on “Thule Backpack Crossover Review: A Backpack That is an Addiction

  1. Looks like the perfect backpack for an active traveler. I haven’t tried Thule products yet but have heard only good things about them.

  2. I have never tried that brand before and it maybe the time to try it now. I am in need of a backpack. I was somehow pushed to get a coach backpack but it seems like it didn’t have a lot of room and pockets I needed for what I need. Thanks for the info.

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