The Best Backpacks for Digital Nomads Have These 7 Features

Are you planning to become a digital nomad and do your work while still having an adventure? If yes, you must invest in a reliable backpack that other digital nomads get. This way, your life while traveling as a digital nomad will be less challenging, intimidating, and tiresome. After all, the last thing you want is to choose a bag that’s too compact to accommodate all your essentials.   

And if you pick the wrong backpack, especially in terms of material, your luggage will likely get soaked if it rains. And you don’t want such unfortunate incidents to happen. With that, this article will give you an idea of what a digital nomad is; and what features to look for in choosing the best backpacks. Continue reading to find out more. 

Young woman with backpack sitting on ground at forest and working on laptop . Workation concept. Freelancer work
Young woman with backpack sitting on ground at forest and working on laptop . Workation concept. Freelancer work

What Is A Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are those who work remotely through information and communications technology, working from one place to another. Choosing their location is part of the perks of being a digital nomad. And as part of their daily life, backpacks are considered to be their best friend.

Thus, below are the two possible types of backpacks that a digital nomad can have:

  • Travel Backpacks

For those who like to keep their hands free in the airport and on the move a travel backpack is the perfect option. Choosing one made from full grain leather will ensure it ages gracefully, with traditional leather patina. 

Hence, it’s good to invest in a travel backpack that can’t easily wear and tear, especially when working as a digital nomad. Given the nature of your work, travel backpacks must provide you comfort and performance for a long time.

  • Laptop Backpacks

If you’re working as a digital nomad, you might need to carry your laptop more often. And choosing a laptop backpack may be a wise choice you’ll make. It’s specifically designed to keep your laptop safe and secure. Thus, having enough space for storing its accessories, such as charger, mouse, and even your other belongings related to your work or personal items is more convenient than getting many bags all over your body.

The Best Backpack Features For Digital Nomads

Determining the best backpack for you can be difficult because the industry is flooded with numerous options for digital nomads. However, you may want to consider the following features when searching for your best backpack:   

  1. Security 

It’s why you must get a backpack that guarantees you adequate security by protecting you against theft anywhere. 

Remember, it might be challenging to stop a thief from snatching your backpack and escaping. It is why you must ensure you invest in a backpack with built-in security features that prevent thieves from reaching your essentials.  

In your search for the best backpack with adequate security, you should look for one with concealed pockets and zippers. It will give the pickpocket a hard time reaching your valuables. Additionally, investing in a backpack with essential safety features, you can confidently explore the world without any worries in your head of a possible theft along the way.   

travel photographer backpack

  1. Appearance 

Among the first things to consider when looking for a quality backpack is its appearance. It’s vital because you don’t want to invest in a travel backpack that isn’t appealing to the eye. But with a quality backpack, you’ll be able to go for your hiking trip with enjoyment. It’s something you couldn’t enjoy with an ordinary backpack.  

The best thing about backpacks is that you can choose one with a design that matches your lifestyle as a digital nomad.

  1. Compartments

When looking for the best backpacks for digital nomads, you should choose the ones with multiple compartments. It will help you to put your belongings in order. Furthermore, with these compartments, you’ll not go through any hassle when trying to find something specific in your backpack. Purchase a bag with pockets on the top. It will allow you to store your passports comfortably. It should also have another pocket in the primary compartment, where you can keep your earphones or chargers, and an external compartment with multiple smaller pockets for other things.  

  1. Comfort

Another crucial aspect that most travelers ignore when selecting a backpack is its comfort. Considering this is essential if you spend most of your time carrying your bag. It might even be used daily for multiple months. The secret to choosing a backpack that guarantees sufficient comfort is choosing one that incorporates wide padded straps to distribute the bag’s weight across your entire body evenly. Therefore, ensure the bag you want to pick has padding in vital areas like along the bag’s base and between the shoulder blades. It enhances your comfort when carrying around your backpack.

  1. Size and Weight

Another critical factor you should consider is size and weight. The size of the backpack you choose is determined by the essentials you pack as a digital nomad. You must know that some digital nomads are usually minimalist, while others are comfortable traveling with huge bags. So, whatever bag you select depends on how passionate you’re about traveling.

When embarking on a trip, you might wish to carry everything. But truth be told, traveling with a big bag can be frustrating. First, the weight of your back will make your adventure less fun and strain your back. Therefore, travel light and use backpacks ranging from 35 to 50 liters to enjoy your adventure. If possible, avoid choosing larger backpacks that are above 65 liters.

Digital nomad keeping your belongings in the backpack

  1.  Moisture Resistance

As a digital nomad, you must consider buying a backpack with moisture resistance, especially when you travel to places where you can’t easily predict the weather. It means rain can easily catch up with you. And if you haven’t invested in a waterproof backpack, you risk exposing your sensitive electronic tools to danger because moisture can quickly damage your electronics. 

Fortunately, your electronic devices, such as laptops, will be safe with a moisture-resistant bag. Choose a bag whose exterior is manufactured from a water-resistant material, and it will offer you sufficient protection. Additionally, you can opt to purchase a bag that comes with a waterproof cover.

  1. Durability

The bag you choose as a digital nomad must have excellent build quality, stitching, and material that can withstand many years of traveling abuse. It’s crucial because when you’re out of your hometown, it’s hard to replace your great digital nomad backpack in the event it gets destroyed. Therefore, to reduce the chances of wanting to replace your bag, ensure you invest in a top-quality backpack in advance.

To confirm that you are purchasing a durable backpack, you must be on the lookout for critical durability and build quality, such as:

  • Heavy-duty stitching and thread throughout your bag
  • Reinforced, padded, and thick shoulder straps
  • Large, top-quality zippers
  • Durable materials, like sailcloth, ripstop nylon, and 1000D Cordura nylon


It’s challenging to get an excellent backpack that meets the demand and needs of each traveler. But by using these eight features listed in this article, you’ll undoubtedly be able to pick out the best bag for digital nomads for your upcoming adventure. You only need to review the above features and weigh options to ensure you get a legit backpack for your trip.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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