Stephen Joseph Backpacks for Boys – The Carry-on Solution

Traveling with kids and especially a five-year-old has plenty of challenging moments. They usually start at the airport when, even though they say they are old enough to bring their own carry-on, they always put the responsibility on either me or my husband by starting with the ‘I’m-so-tired’, or ‘It’s-too-heavy’ routine. And, since at home, he promised wholeheartedly that he will be carrying his own Stephen Joseph bag, we, naturally, have our hands full with our bags. That’s why I found a solution, and it’s a Stephen Joseph backpack for boys.

With this pattern playing over and over again, it was time for a solution. Like Einstein said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.’

Not that I want to think of myself as insane, but I have definitely crossed that line on many occasions with my kids, especially when it comes to travel.

Stephen Joseph Backpacks for Boys

We’ve tried many different types of backpacks for my son, the enthusiasm runs deep, but then it dies off quickly, right when we’re at the airport rushing from one connection to the other.

Why? Normally, it’s because the backpack is too heavy with the stuff he piled into it. Or, it’s just not comfortable.

So my search began. I stumbled upon Stephen Joseph Bags by reading another travel mom’s review of their luggage for her boys. She raved about the quality and also how her kids loved rolling it from one terminal to another.

They have a huge selection, especially compact bags, easy for kids to use. As enticing as most of their backpacks were, I also wasn’t about to fall into my ‘insanity’ trap and decided to go for the rolling luggage instead.

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Stephen Joseph Backpacks for Boys

This way, if my son pulls another whiny moment, I can easily just roll it along without the burden of extra weight.

Plus, when I showed him the different options, he screamed with glee and promised to be fully in charge of it.

I said, why not, the price was definitely in our range, and what I also loved about this Stephen Joseph bag is that it has plenty of room for all his stuff, is easy to roll, and is flat making it an easy fit into any overhead compartment.

The Proof is in the Pudding

We put the Stephen Joseph bag to the test on our last international flight. And, true to his word, my little man loved his new bag and was proud of the design he picked and rolled it everywhere we went.

Stephen Joseph Backpacks carry on by a kid

Last Updated on March 5, 2023

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  1. Hi, i am a student of engineering university and every day carry my laptop, i need a backpack with a padded compartment if you have written any post on these types of backpacks please reply to me?thanks

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