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Things to Keep in Mind While Flying with a Dog

There was a time when traveling with dogs via air was a far-fetched dream because there was hardly any provision that allowed owners to carry their dogs. Thus, moving from one location to another would mean a teary-eyed farewell for the pet and the pet-parent. And in the rare cases when pets could be carried from one geographical location to the other, several cases about the loss of pets in the process have raised security concerns. But things have changed, and technology has evolved. One no longer has to fret over moving from one place to another without their beloved dogs because that is very much a thing that can be achieved easily. Therefore, all those who have been worrying about how they would materialize this transfer for their dogs, here are a few tips that you can make use of to make sure that your dog is safe and healthy during the course of the journey.Five of the basic but most important things to do and know when Flying with a Dog.Take a look at this list of pet travel tips.

Flying with a Dog

5 Tips for Flying with a Dog

Health Check-up for your Dog is Compulsory:

Traveling via air with your dog, or any mode of transport for that matter, is something that has its own share of impediments and difficulties. It might not be an easy thing for your dog to survive the transition. Therefore, unless you do not have any other means but to move with your dog, do not risk the health of your pet. And in case you absolutely have to move, make sure that you have taken the right precautions for your dog. This includes taking your little one to the vet in the week leading up to the relocation. Get your dog checked for any health ailment and get the required vaccines so that your beloved pet does not contract any disease while traveling.

Research the Right Airline:

We cannot stress enough about the importance of choosing the right airline for the relocation to happen. You must remember that you are not the only one who is going through with the relocation. You have another innocent life associated with the process. Therefore, you must be really careful about how you choose to go ahead with the process. Take a look at the perks offered by various airlines, and Jettly’s services could help you in this endeavor. Once you have the right knowledge of which airlines shall serve you with the very best, you can make the choice of your airlines and book your tickets with them. Choosing the wrong airlines when you have to relocate with your dog could cost you your dog’s life. Therefore, you might want to be careful about that.

Flying with a Dog

Get Your Dog Passport Ready:

You might think that we are joking on this one, but trust us when we say this, pet passports are a real thing. Immigration laws could be quite a hassle when you have pets to travel with. But, understand that you can avoid all these complications when you have a pet passport ready. Learn all that you can about a pet passport and get going with it. Pet passports are all the more essential when you are traveling to the United Kingdom because they have some very strict regulations regarding the entry of pets to their countries. Your dog shall definitely require a passport if you want to enter the UK with your pet.

Prepare Your Pets for the Long Haul:

So now that you have the passport ready and are all set with your documents, it is time to train your dog a bit more than what the little one already knows. You must start with the training procedure way ahead of the relocation. Your dog might already know how to behave, but traveling via air is a completely different ball game. Therefore, the training that is required is also different. This might sound a bit challenging, and in all honesty, it is. But do not give up early and seek help from professional pet trainers if required. This could go a long way in easing your dog’s relocation tale.

Communicate With the People of Your Chosen Airline:

You must keep communicating with the people of the airline that you have chosen for the travel. These people might leave no stone upturned to keep your dog happy and healthy during the flight. But it still does not mean that you must throw caution to the air and leave everything up to the people of the airline. Do your duty towards your dog to ensure that everything is properly put into place.

Final Words:

Your dog is no less than your biological child. You must, therefore, take up every means available at your disposal to keep your dog healthy and safe during the process of relocation. The process might be a bit challenging and tenuous. But once you do your research and plan everything out, rest assured that everything shall work out for the best.

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