Tax Attorney or Tax Resolution Agency: Who Can Help You Better

Taxpayers can resolve the problems posed by back taxes by choosing to hire tax resolution agencies or tax attorneys. This marked tendency amongst taxpayers to wait for the final hours before the IRS prepares to recover unpaid taxes through force before they take up the issue seriously. The IRS might take such serious action by issuing a tax lien on an owned property or even a bank levy. In this context, one needs to note that a bank levy is the IRS’s most everyday action to recover unpaid dues. In the bank levy type of IRS action, the government issues a levy to the defaulting taxpayer’s bank account.

Tax Attorney

How Do I Know That I May Be Levied?

Legal stipulations make it necessary to send a notice to the taxpayer. This notice is about possible action by the IRS before they can issue bank levy. The IRS will first try to get in touch with the taxpayer through notifications sent to them in writing. You are free to contest the issued notices or appeal against them. In case the issue of bank levy is indeed executed, you can enter a payment plan through installments. You are also free to release the levy before the money is deducted from your account. In case the taxpayer ignores all written communication from the IRS, the agency may get in touch with you through phone or, at times, even personal visits from assigned officers. It is a great idea not to ignore the communications sent to you by the IRS. Instead, try to discuss the issue with the tax authority and together try to resolve the issue.

Why Hire A Tax Resolution Agency?

Hiring a tax resolution agency means they will look into the entirety of the tax problem you face. Legal experts behind Silver Tax Group at are one such agency that will assess this problem and advocate your concerns to the authorities. All the best tax resolution agencies know by heart what you can do for your particular concerns when it comes to financial disclosure. They should be well versed in an analysis of your financial information and decide on a course to pursue amongst all the financial resolutions available to you.

The typical financial resolution available to most taxpayers is only a payment plan or an installment agreement. It is acknowledged that the prospect of paying old taxes besides current dues is quite disturbing. However, hiring professional tax resolution services would help ensure that they will be able to settle for the lowest possible taxes by referring to your limited financial resources. Often, installment agreements are what prevent a business from shutting down or continuing its business.

What Are Tax Attorneys?

Whether they are a Tax Attorney Austin, London, or Paris, a Tax attorney is a lawyer with a specialization in tax law. Now, tax law is a very technical and complex subject. Suppose you have a legal issue that concerns the tax situation of you or your business. Not only legal aspects of taxation tax attorneys are the persons you want to turn to if there’s any sort of technical issue with your tax problem. If you consult a tax attorney before there are such issues, it might help you prevent problems in the first place. Of course, they can always step in later and sort out tax issues.

What Do Tax Attorneys Do?

Tax attorneys must have the minimum requirements of a J.D. or Juris Doctor Degree. Additionally, they must also be authorized to practice in the state bar. It is preferred that your tax attorney has additional master’s degree qualifications like an LLM in taxation. You can find tax attorneys with an accounting background as well. But usually, they don’t play any role or get involved in preparing tax returns. For people who face complex accounting problems with legal implications, they would do well to hire the services of a CPA or certified public accountant. Another option for such people is the services of an E.A. or enrolled agent.

Why Do You Need A Tax Attorney

The services of a tax attorney are desirable in the following cases:

In Case You Have An Estate Liable To Be Taxed

There are quite a few kinds of taxes that fall within the purview of the IRS. Besides personal tax returns, you need to file returns on estates in the year 2020, estates whose total value exceeds $11.58 million at the time of your death. For married people, the bar is relatively higher, standing at $23.16 million. Considering the high minimum value requirements, most people don’t have to worry about the estate tax.

People Starting A Business

You want a legal opinion on business issues like:

  • What type of business entity would suit you the best?
  • Does your business need to be incorporated?
  • Do you want a sole property?

All businesses involve some tax implications, and these, in addition to non-tax problems, can be solved from a tax attorney’s services. Additionally, remember the help you get from tax attorneys while conducting international business. These include:

  • Tax Treatment
  • Contracts
  • Legal Issues

Tax Attorney

For Legal Problems

The services of tax attorneys are critical for the following:

  • Being probed for criminal investigation by the IRS
  • For starting lawsuits against the IRS
  • Want your case being reviewed by the U.S. Tax Court

The familiarity with the courtroom setting of your lawyer is likely to help you a lot. Even though you can choose to have a non-attorney representative, it is best for you if you hired professionals with plenty of courtroom experience. The IRS even has a dedicated resource to finding low-cost legal tax representation. In cases where you are accused of tax fraud, it is the best option to hire professionals.

Final Thoughts

It would help you and your legal case remembers that anything you confide to your lawyer is privileged information. That means they need not disclose your communications with them to legal courts. However, it would help you if you remembered that the same isn’t true for accountants, so beware! Remember, you can also turn to free or legal assistance with minimum costs for people who happen to be taxpayers but only with low incomes. The IRS itself funds independent organizations that provide such a service

Last Updated on June 2, 2023

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