Sandos Cancun All Inclusive Resort Review – Is It Worth It?


Sandos Cancun All Inclusive Resort Review – Is It Worth It?

cancun sandos hotel sign on the the beach

My husband and I took a mini romantic getaway for my birthday, and I wanted to do an all-inclusive resort. The last time I’ve done an all-inclusive resort was over 30 some years ago, and I was ready to do it again. But on a small scale because I know that I and him are not really into it that much. So we had about three days and since we live in Guatemala, the mecca of all meccas of all-inclusive hotels is in Cancun Mexico. In this post, I’m going to review Sandos Cancun All Inclusive Resort in Cancun.

I started to do my search, first and foremost you can find any kind of all-inclusive you can possibly imagine. We’re talking adults only, family-friendly, nudist, singles and so much more. I mean, it never ends. 

Sandos Cancun All Inclusive Resort Review

After a lot of searching, we came up with Sandos Cancun All Inclusive Resort. It is located in the hotel zone part of Cancun and the reason why it’s called the hotel zone, is literally this island, this strip that is surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea on one side and the lagoon on the other side. So no matter where you will be staying in any room in any of the hotels and there are hundreds of them. The entire strip is literally hotels only. It was built for 100% just hotels anyway, you could see either the lagoon or the Caribbean Sea or if you have a perfect room both regardless of which room you will be in no matter which hotel you will be in. 

facade of sandos cancun all inclusive in mexico

What Does Sandos Resort Have?

We ended up with a Sandos Cancun All-Inclusive for several reasons. Obviously, I was looking for different deals. I have an entire podcast about finding the best deal for finding an all-inclusive, so make sure to check that one out. Basically, what does Sandos have? Sandos is this huge hotel, it’s about eight floors high, and it surrounds these beautiful pools, and they have several restaurants right on the Caribbean Sea. 

They are located on the Caribbean sea like directly on it, so you can go off, and they have an entire area on the Caribbean Sea with lounge chairs and beds and there’s always a lifeguard there. 

woman and man holding drinks at a outdoor beach restaurant in cancun


At the pool, they have some action. I have to admit it was definitely not a hotel I thought that all-inclusive had a lot more entertainment and a lot more activities offered. Even if it isn’t family and kids-oriented, it was just it wasn’t that much, maybe a couple of hours a day. They had some fun activities at the pool from like 3 to 5 p.m. But overall it was just drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink and I and my husband don’t do the drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink and roast in the sun. So we were kinda hoping for a little more stuff, but I mean there were other things that we were doing right. 

We ended up doing a WaveRunner excursion, make sure to check that podcast out because I have an entire podcast about that alone.

pool area at the sandos resort cancun


Basically, there are several restaurants, Sandos Cancun All Inclusive has like five or six restaurants, and several of them are only open for dinner and not even every day. So you do need to make reservations, they are a la carte meaning that you order from the menu, but you can pretty much order everything from the menu.

That is the cool thing about all-inclusive, everything is included other than some excursions and maybe some really expensive wines, but overall you know premium alcohol is good food, and you do have an array of choices. You could have Asian, you could have just regular American fare, pizzas, Italian, French, I don’t know how much French really was there, but there are different restaurants that you could go to and there’s always one that has a full buffet regardless of when you go morning, noon or night. 

woman and a man dinning at a all inclusive restaurant in sandos resort cancun


They also have this beautiful gym, they do have a spa that’s another thing that is not included in the spa part of it, like the massages, and facials, but you are able to use the gym and the gym was fantastic. So I and my husband when we were there for 2.5 days, and so we went three times to the gym and that was a pretty cool activity for us to do.

The coolest thing for us was, you know, the fact that we could go to any of these restaurants and just enjoy that freedom of not worrying, you know, what to buy. 

woman working out at the sandos resort gym


The coolest thing for us was the rooms, the rooms are really, really beautiful, they’re really spacious. And we just had the regular rooms and all rooms come with either double beds because it is for families, it’s not family oriented. Really what was fun for us was that we wanted a king-sized bed, we didn’t get a king-size bed, we got a super king. I don’t know if any of you have ever been on a super king, but they are ridiculously huge. Like literally if we came with our sons, everybody could have fit in there, and we still would have had space, so that was kind of fun. Kind of cool just to hang out, and you know, be in bathrobes and enjoy room service. 

You do get room service 24 hours a day, there is no alcohol in the other room service, you have to go to one of the bars, and you could bring up alcohol, you can get it to go whatever you want. So that was really fun.

My take on it

I personally love the experimenting, but after a few days for us, that was more than enough especially because of the lack of activities, like there was no real show, there was maybe some, you know some stuff in like a bar as they would have like karaoke night, but it’s mainly like promoting to let’s just get drunk even more, something that we aren’t really into doing and maybe people do, and I have no judgment on that, but that’s definitely not our thing. 

I mean, if we even had one or two drinks throughout the entire day that was a lot for us. But that’s not the point. The point is it was fun to enjoy there as well. Right? 

backside facade of sandos all inclusive resort in cancun

Not Kid Friendly

There is definitely nothing there that your kids are going to enjoy other than the pool and after a while, it gets pretty boring, there are no activities for kids. So this is definitely not a family-oriented resort.

Interestingly enough, this resort popped up under the adults-only category. It’s not adults only because you can bring kids, but I can see why, simply because there’s really nothing for the kids to do. 

woman and man sitting in a near by the beach restaurant in cancun


You know, it was a mini getaway and in that respect, it was fun if I was to do a long time at an all-inclusive and if I was to bring my sons, I would definitely be looking for like serious activities, entertainment, and a lot more than just hanging by the pool because we don’t really do that. 

Otherwise, it was a beautiful hotel. It was exactly what we wanted for the 2.5 days. But if we were to go longer, I would not recommend being there longer. There are just not enough activities to do.

woman lying on a beach lounge chair in cancun

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