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Top 10 Caribbean Destinations For Families

It is summertime and the weather is getting beaten down by raze of the Sun. It is time to run for cool and exotic cover to chill out by planning a family vacation. The Caribbean destinations, if you have not gone yet, would be the perfect choice to beat the monotony of life’s routines and take some time off to do some activities filled with fun and frolic.

If you love sand dunes, beaches, sailing, cruising, sightseeing, or historic and cultural tour – A Caribbean vacation can offer all of them. The white sands and cool breezes of Caribbean islands can bring out the romanticism within you. Couples, families, and even singles too can find their favorite holiday spots on these colorful and picturesque islands. If you are considering a visit to the Caribbean islands for a great sailing holiday but also require some accommodation, try Best At Caribbean Holidays for a wide selection of luxury accommodation.

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Top Caribbean Destinations


A land of sandy beaches, sugarcane and coffee plants, and more importantly the birthplace of Reggae music, Jamaica thrill you with its raw beauty. Strawberry Hills is the recommended destination for a romantic, honeymoon vacation. At three thousand feet above sea level, Strawberry hills are filled with cool weather and picturesque hilly slopes.

The country is located over 3 large islands. During your Jamaica Holidays, you will feel at home because they all speak English. It is known around the world for its rum, reggae music, and its athletes.

British Virgin Islands

Lovingly called BVI, the British Virgin Islands are underdeveloped but known as the tax havens. These islands are filled with resorts, restaurants, villas, and other attractions. If you can shell out some extra money, this tourist spot provides the best private vacation experience. You can take a chartered yacht for a lonely trip or for the entire family. Many tourist companies are there who offer different packages of yachting.


Once called “useless islands” by the Spaniards during 15th century, these islands have come a long way since then and have now become one of the hot spots of Caribbean islands. With the low rainfall, these islands can be visited around the year. Some of the attractive beaches of the world are located in these clusters of tiny islands.

Puerto Rico

Scuba diving and great fishing can be done in the enchanting land of Puerto Rico. With less than 4 hours flight from Miami, USA, Puerto Rico is known for its beaches filled with white sand, jungles, and caves. Vacation out here would be mixed with many excitements.

Some of the activities that you will be able to enjoy in it, aside from the beaches, are: surfing, golfing, fishing, diving, wind, surfing, and parasailing.

Also, if well known that Puerto Rico has one of the best places for camping in the United States, like Flamenco Beach.


Whitewashed coasts, fishing, duty-free shops, scuba diving are the few synonyms that can be attached to the Bahamas. It does not only offer the services of lavish hotels, but also lures the visitors with its beautiful nature. There are 700 islands, and thus you are assured of 700 exotic spots.

Dominican Republic

This island country is famous for holding weddings and for honeymoons. Being the 2nd largest island in the Caribbean chain, this Dominican Republic has a varied geography, wildlife, and lovely beaches decked with coconut palms.

It is a country located on the Hispaniola Island, right next to Haiti. The place is particularly popular among adventurers because of its rainforests, alpine ranges, and mangrove.

St. Thomas

This is a mountainous island that offers the world’s best panoramic view of nature. You can play golf, scuba diving, sailing, and fine dining. Shopping at St. Thomas is another experience that one must go for.

U.S. Virgin Islands

This is the US’s Caribbean love lass. These islands are called swimmers’ paradise as they offer warm and greenish-blue water that cast spell on the visitors.


Here you can see the corals in abundance and the underground caves and lakes would surely thrill you. This is one of the Caribbean islands with the most sophisticated facilities. You can find the best resorts and hotels in this part of the Caribbean.


Get to see a towering volcano on this island influenced by French culture. Best food, huge cathedrals, wonderful beaches, and rainforests are the best attractions on this island.


This country has a very interesting history, they are slowly opening up its doors to travelers from different countries. It is the largest island in the Caribbean and is filled with old buildings, classic cars, warm people, great food, and is surrounded by amazing beaches.


Dominican Republic’s neighbor is an extremely poor country, still struggling after a recent earthquake destroyed it. It is a place where cruises make a stop to allow travelers to explore it for a day.


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