Palouse Falls in Washington: Most Scenic Waterfall to Explore

Washington is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in the United States and a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking trails, camping, and even RV spots. It’s always a great option to visit one of the many places it has to explore, and the Palouse Falls State Park is not an exception. That’s why I decided to gather useful information about Palouse Falls in Washington.

Palouse Falls State Park is one of the most scenic state parks in Washington. It has an abundance of natural beauty, and it’s a great place to explore. The park is open year-round, but during the winter months, there are fewer services available because the park closes to all but essential staff. The visitor center is still open during this time, but it offers limited hours and no ranger programs.

The park offers many opportunities for visitors to explore and enjoy the natural wonder around them. One of these opportunities is hiking on the trails that run along the river or through the hillsides with views of Palouse Falls. Visitors can also take advantage of other activities like fishing, picnicking, wildlife viewing, and photography.

palouse falls in washington dc

About Palouse Falls

With an elevation of 221m, the Palouse Falls is part of a state park that goes by the same name and is located in Whitman County, Washington on the Palouse River (Southeast Washington), downstream it joins the Snake River near Lyons Ferry State Park. The falls are also near the towns of Washtucna and Starbuck

An amazing fact about the falls is that it‘s one of the few active falls that are left from the Ice Age Floods that took place more than 10,000 years ago through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

Park Entry Fees

Once you’re at the park, you can buy a $10 pass for the day or a $30 for the Washington State Parks Discover Pass that covers a whole year.


There’s a parking lot nearby for you to park in when you go and visit the waterfall. You must know that on weekends during peak season, the parking lot fills up really fast, so fast that cars end up waiting outside the park.

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How to get there?

I think there’s only one way to get to Paulose Falls, and it’s by car. You can rent a car and drive by yourself or hire a driver. Being so popular, the park is well documented on Google Maps, and it’s easy to spot, just add the following direction, and you’ll be pointed to your location.

Address: Palouse Falls Rd, LaCrosse, WA 99143

You can get to the park from a ton of nearby towns, and it’s relatively close, the longest time to get there is from Seattle, a 4h drive and the closes ones are Washtucna and Starbuck, which take 24-min drive approximately.

Other nearby towns and cities:

From Kennewick: 1 hr and 18 min

From Spokane: 1 hr and 49 min

From Richland: 1 hr and 22 min

From Walla Walla: 1 hr and 5 min

From Pasco: 1 hr and 13 min

You can go to the Palouse Falls by yourself or hire a guided tour, it has many benefits, and you will take off a weigh from your shoulders. There are many agencies offering tours in nearby towns.

When is the Best Time to Visit Palouse Falls?

If you want to see the falls in their full glory, you should plan a visit from April to July, when the water flow is heavier. Also, it’s when most people visit the falls.

You should know that part of Washington is basically a desert, and in summer it can get really hot! So prepare yourself! Most people seem to not realize this.


As you can see, the Palouse Fall in Washington State is a great option for outdoor lovers, the park offers a huge variety of amenities for visitors to stay comfortable while keeping the nature experience. Also, the view of the falls is stunning. With this post, you have everything you need to head to the falls and enjoy a great time in this park.

Last Updated on October 13, 2023

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