Serene Places: Top 5 Most Peaceful Destinations Around the World

For all those who are interested in traveling, adventurous destinations and cities are sure to hold a place of interest. Whether it is a hike across old forts or a simple exploration of the rocks near a famous lake, adventurous destinations are truly fascinating for the avid traveler. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 most serene places around the world for a peaceful vacation. These places have been touted as the finest not only due to their scenic beauty but also because they offer some of the best places to stay and exotic cuisine to sample.

Most Serene and Peaceful Places in The World

1. Carpathian Mountains, Romania

The land of the Dracula, Romania is one of the best spots for adventure in the Eastern Bloc. Located in the deepest areas of the Carpathian Mountains, Romania is a paradise for the enthusiastic mountain climber and trekker. For all those who are interested in exploring historical areas, Romania serves as a perfect space since it houses ancient castles, broken ruins, and the all-famous Transylvanian castle of the Dracula. Finding a hotel is fairly easy in these parts as it is a popular tourist destination. The food is more inclined to follow a Turkish template with eggplant, tomatoes, and sour cream being the dominant ingredients for recipes. All in all, Romania is definitely worth a visit if you are fond of treks over spooky mountains.

Destinations Around the World - Carpathian Mountains Romania

2. Mt. Pirin, Bulgaria

From Romania we move to Bulgaria where hundreds flock every year to experience some winter skiing. Mountains such as Mt. Pirin are favorite spots for those who like to trek and traverse difficult rocky terrains. If you are looking to take your adventurous vacation to the next level, you could also participate in the 1,200 km long endurance biking competition that the Bulgarians organize over the mountains. Aside from the adventure, the place is also famous for its old Roman ruins. As in Romania, hotel bookings are easy to find and are decently pried. Bulgarian food is heavy in dairy products, spices and vegetables and is served in most restaurants in the country. Overall, for mountain lovers and sports enthusiasts, Bulgaria is a place worth visiting.

Destinations Around the World - Mt Pirin Bulgaria

3. Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan:

A beautiful mountain lake located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, Lake Muluk is a must-visit for those who are interested in hiking and sightseeing. The best part about this lake is that the areas surrounding the water body are purported to have over 26 species of exotic plants. Everyone who is interested in nature watching and exploration should definitely make time to visit the Lake in the Mansehra district. While there might not be local Pakistani hotels right next to the lake, Pakistan in itself has a lot of places where one can stay. The food is spicy and seasoned with organic spices that complement the meats cooked perfectly. If one is looking to get away from the hustle of city life, Lake Saiful is definitely a place worth exploring.

Destinations Around the World - Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan

4. Kemeri National Park, Latvia

Speaking of nature watching and exploration, another space that is worth looking at is the Kemeri National Park in Latvia. A place is known worldwide for being a hub of exotic birds and trees, Latvia is a must-visit for the quiet explorer who prefers laying back to watch birds. The dense foliage of the park is also a source of delight for those enthusiastic about plant life and nature. Hotels in Latvia are easily available considering how popular the destination is. The food is light and healthy, with an added focus on meat. As with the Lake in Pakistan, the National Park at Latvia is a must-visit.

Destinations Around the World - Kemeri National Park, Latvia

5. Soomaa National Park, Estonia

The last place that we will be covering today is Estonia. Famous for its nature trails and parks, Estonia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Framed by secluded beaches, limestone cliffs and over 1,500 islands, the city of Estonia is ideal for those who enjoy hiking. Trails such as the Bog Nature Trail of the Soomaa Park are famous and one can also enjoy camping by the lakes in the town. While hotels are available, the presence of free campsites, often calls out to the adventurous spirits of its visitors. The food is lightly seasoned with an emphasis on meat and potatoes. The presence of forests, parks, and water bodies attracts a number of visitors every year, thereby making Estonia one of the more popular areas for hiking.

Destinations Around the World - Soomaa National Park, Estonia

There are a number of places that one can visit around the world to get a sense of adventure and thrill. While everyone’s idea of a thrilling time is different, the 5 places that have been listed above have been voted as the most popular adventure destinations by most of the traveler surveys. In addition to being great spaces that inspire exploration, these areas also serve as excellent vacation spots for those who want to kick back and have a good time after a long day of adventure.

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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