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10 Underrated Cities In Europe Worth Visiting With Family

When people think about their European vacations, they often picture Paris or London as the backdrop to their overseas adventures. While Paris and London are amazing cities in their own right, they are far from the only incredible places to visit on your next trip to Europe. Take a family trip to one of these underrated cities in Europe, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Underrated often goes hand in hand with least visited, and I have a post with least visited countries in Europe, make sure you take a look at it!

places to visit in europe 10 Underrated Cities In Europe

10 Underrated Cities In Europe Worth Visiting

Salzburg, Austria

Austria is probably one of the most stunning countries to visit in winter in Europe. Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. It sits right on the Salzach River and is famously where Mozart had his childhood home! It was also the backdrop to The Sound Of Music and you can find many tributes to this iconic musical all over the streets of Salzburg. On your trip to Salzburg, you can visit a cafe, taste some incredible Austrian chocolate, and take on the Alps, all while enjoying the famous Austrian hospitality!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

History lovers will want to book their tickets to Belfast right away. That’s because this city in Northern Ireland was the place where the infamous unsinkable Titanic was built! There are plenty of museums dedicated to the ship. Belfast is also hip and fun, with an amazing nightlife. Wander outside the city and you’ll find some of the wildest and wonderful natural scenery that you’ve ever laid eyes on. Northern Ireland is also home to Giant’s Causeway, an incredible natural formation right on the coast.

Krakow, Poland

places to visit in europe 10 Underrated Cities In Europe poland

Poland is one of the most fascinating countries in Eastern Europe, and Krakow is one of the best cities to visit if you really want to get a taste of Polish culture and cuisine. Krakow is a medieval city with a lively market square called the Rynek Glowny. The square is lively and fun, ringed with shops and bars, so you can watch people to your heart’s content. Don’t miss the fantastic castle that sits in the center of Krakow, and make sure to say hello to the dragon! Krakow is also close to the famous salt mines and Auschwitz, so a day trip to either of these places is possible.

Budapest, Hungary

places to visit in europe 10 Underrated Cities In Europe budapest

Although Budapest is becoming more popular, it is still not on everyone’s radar. Budapest is a fantastic city that is located right on the Danube River, and it is known for some of the best architecture in Europe, fantastic food, and powerfully historical culture. You can’t visit Budapest without totally falling in love with it.

Porto, Portugal

This cheerful and bright ancient city sits right on the coast. Its roots go back to the Romans, so history lovers will want to book their tickets to Porto as soon as possible. This underrated city is full of amazing museums and spectacular baroque-inspired churches. You can spend all day wandering the tiny streets and taking in all of the architectural wonders that this little city has to offer. Additional, Porto is the birthplace of port wine!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

places to visit in europe 10 Underrated Cities In Europe dubrovik

Croatia is not generally on most people’s radar when it comes to places to spend their European holiday, but it really should be. This little country has a lot to offer! Dubrovnik is the jewel of Croatia, a seaside city with ancient roots. It’s known for its fascinating and historically-steeped Old Town, and its centuries-old buildings that still remain intact today! It’s easy to spend your whole vacation in a place like Dubrovnik, and staying is simple and relaxing because Croatia has some amazing holiday rentals available that is perfect for your trip. Vacation in style and comfort while taking in all that this fascinating country has to offer!

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is often compared to Venice, Italy, but this little city can stand all on its own two feet. It is full of canals, so getting around by boat is the best way to navigate this ancient city. Once an important fishing and trading post, Bruges is now a tourist destination that is just a little bit off the map. Visit some of Bruges iconic churches, sample some local beers, and don’t miss out on some of the finest Belgian chocolate that you will find anywhere in the world!

Granada, Spain

Madrid and Barcelona get all of the credit, but Granada is not to be missed! With astounding views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this scenic city home to some of the prettiest surroundings and best architecture in all of Spain. It was once an important city of the Moors, who brought their influence, cuisine, and traditions to the region. It’s easy to get lost wandering through the whitewashed buildings of Grenada. If you get hungry on your travels, simply sit down and taste some of the most amazing tapas in the world!

Bergen, Norway

Move over Oslo! Bergen, Norway is the hidden gem of this northern country! It is located right on the southwestern coast and sits directly on a fjord, making it one of the more scenic spots in the country! Bergen also has its fair share of mountains, so anyone who loves trekking or hiking will want to visit this iconic and underrated city. Spend a little time in Bergen! You will not regret it.

Valletta, Malta

Many people bypass Malta as a European destination, but this tiny country has some of the most beautiful landscapes and UNESCO sites in the world! Valletta is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site with perfectly preserved cathedrals, forts, and castles. It’s pedestrian-friendly, and a true feast for the eyes. The best thing about Valletta is that it has not come onto the radar of many travelers, so you can experience all of this beauty on your own!

There are plenty of cities to travel to when you think outside the box! These underrated cities deliver big when it comes to the astounding natural beauty, history, and food culture. They also have sophisticated nightlifes and plenty of charm! Next time you’re ready to pack your bags and fly over the pond, consider bypassing the obvious choices and giving one of these underrated cities a try. You will be happy that you did!

What are your favorite places to visit in Europe?

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