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5 Things to Do in Romania for a Family-Friendly Holidays

Romania should be a top destination on any family’s bucket list. The country has numerous things to offer whether you are a nature lover, passionate about history, or a foodie, Romania has it all to keep an entire family entertained. Romania is one of the best family-friendly destinations where everybody can have an exciting time no matter their age or interests. Read below the most interesting family-friendly activities and places you should consider during your trip to Romania.

While the capital Bucharest offers vibrant energy to people who enjoy the modern side of Romanian culture, the Transylvanian region of Romania amazes its visitors with towns and villages that seem stuck in time, spectacular nature and wildlife, castle, and medieval fortresses, rich folk culture and exciting outdoor activities.

Things to Do in Romania

Things to Do in Romania

Experience the Traditional Cuisine of Transylvania

One of the most interesting things to experience in Romania with your family is the rural-inspired gastronomy of Transylvania. Traditional Romanian cuisine is based on organic, home-grown ingredients and products that are delicious on their own. Do you want your kids to discover the real taste of a tomato? Come visit Romania and go on a tour of Transylvania!

Traditional Romanian cuisine is a mix of dishes and cooking techniques borrowed and adapted from neighboring cultures (everyone in Eastern Europe did the same!) and transformed with local herbs and spices. The taste is like nothing you’ve ever tried before: filling and flavor, a bit heavy on the meat but with lots of vegetables. The most popular traditional Romanian dishes you should try are cabbage rolls (called sarmale), skinless sausages (mici), sour soups (ciorba), and the classic polenta with fresh cheese and sour cream. Romanian deserts such as papanasi with sour cream and jam will delight your kids, as well cozonac (sweet bread filled with cocoa and nuts) or soft pancakes with jam.

Relax by the Black Sea

Family-Friendly Holidays in Romania

All families enjoy their time by the sea, and the Black Sea in Romania is no exception! The beach resorts in Romania have interesting but easy-to-remember names such as Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Neptun – and all of them are family-friendly. The Black Sea coast features beaches with fine, golden sands just like in Southern Spain or the islands of Thailand – perfect for making a sand castle! The water is warm (averages of 16o Celsius), not too deep and the waves, if any, are smooth so you don’t have to worry about safety. During Summer, there are numerous open-air music festivals and parties where you can enjoy the warm weather and blend in with the locals.

The largest city by the Black Sea is Constanta, just 2 hours away from Bucharest and in Bucharest, there are a lot of hotels that you can use for your stay. The next thing is to go for a walk by its promenade, stop for a meal in the port area and go visit the delfinarium and aquarium – everyone will love it! The Aqua Park in neighboring resort Mamaia should also be on your list if you’re looking for some good fun.

Discover the Health Benefits of Salina Praid

Things to Do in Romania

One of the most interesting family-friendly attractions in Romania is Praid Salt Mine. The salt mine is very popular among locals and has many visitors annually thanks to its health benefits for people who have respiratory problems such as asthma. With huge grottos and high ceilings, this stunning underground world that you are going to discover is the perfect place for a family trip.

Even though this underground attraction is 120 m below ground, Praid Salt Mine offers various facilities to its visitors which help them relax and enjoy their time. There are playgrounds for children, games and recreational areas, a 3D Cinema and a coffee shop, and restaurants. The only thing you need to do is relax and spend at least 4-5 hours inside the mine to breathe salty air!

Discover Traditional Romanian Rural Life in Sibiu

Family-Friendly Holidays to do in Romania

When choosing between the many tours in Sibiu, you should look for one which will take you to visit ASTRA Museum of Folkloric Traditional Civilization which is situated 4 kilometers away from the city of Sibiu in Dumbrava Forest. The museum opened its gates in 1993 and stretches over 96 hectares offering a single and permanent exhibition of approx. 10 kilometers in length.

Astra Museum is a great place to discover rural traditions and the way of life in Romanian villages. Your family can learn and see first-hand Romanian culture as it was hundreds of years ago when people would live off the land in small but closely-knit communities, before industrialization and the modern times of today. The museum hosts original homeware pieces and various objects representative of life in Romanian villages, traditional houses in real size from various parts of the country, interior decorations preserved in their original form, and all sorts of equipment used to farm the land as well as traditional means of transport.

Hiking above the clouds in Piatra Craiului

Things to Do in Romania

If you are looking for a more exciting and adventurous trip together with your kids, hiking in Piatra Craiului Mountains near Brasov is exactly what you need. Piatra Craiului National Park is one of the most stunning protected areas of the Carpathians. Only a few kilometers away from Brasov, it is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Romania.

What makes this national park, so spectacular is the breathtaking views and the diverse wildlife and rare plants which can be found there. There are numerous hiking trails which you can choose from, from easy ones to the more complex depending on your experience and physical condition. But whichever you will go on there will be many picturesque landscapes to admire on your way with the traditional villages of Magura, Pestera and Sirnea dotting the valley at the base of the mountains. There are many cabins where you can spend at least one night enjoying the stunning natural surroundings with your family.

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