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Where to go in Spain: Best Places to visit

When looking to travel to Spain, the number of choices to make can be overwhelming. There are so many incredible places, so knowing where to go in Spain can be a day-long discussion. So, instead of looking at different places in isolation, let’s divide up the country in a different way: Cities, villages, and coastlines.

From gritty to hippy in major Cities

The capital city, Madrid, is the largest and most populated city in Spain – it’s also home to some incredible shopping, nightlife, and world-class cuisine. Despite this, Barcelona receives more Spain travel from tourists – perhaps because it’s on the coast. Whilst the latter is more expensive, both have more in common than they have differences (for example, stunning architecture and museums). Madrid will be cheaper, but Barcelona has transport to many nearby seaside towns.

Seville and Grenade are also two cities worth considering. Seville has perhaps more attractions to see, yet are actually within walking distance from one another on flat roads. Granda is smaller, more hilly, but has a lot going for itself: many hiking opportunities, caves, a buzzing nightlife, and is the birthplace of tapas. Seville being bigger has perhaps more to explore and is close to Cadiz, and even Granda for a day out.

Valencia, Bilbao, and Malaga are some others to consider and all offer something unique.

Getting around the sleepy towns

What some claim to be vibrant, others perceive as an assault on the senses. If you’re looking to travel to Spain for a truly authentic experience but something a little more quaint, quiet, and slower-paced, then you’re in luck, as you have even more options to consider. 

Ronda, whilst technically a city, is a great place to start when looking. Its deep gorge and cliffs are dramatic, with a vast bridge separating two sides of the village (separated by God to stop the locals fighting, apparently). There are some stunning stadiums and views all around.

Besalu also needs to be mentioned, being a medieval town that’s very close to Barcelona. Cobbled streets in which almost anyone could be a postcard. There’s also a river running through the town and a Romanesque bridge to get over it.

In reality, there’s not enough time to cover them all, so check out the likes of Frigiliana, Combarro, Mojacar and Albarracin.

Coastal stunners for beach lovers

There are many options when it comes to admiring Spain’s coastline – this is perhaps the toughest section of all. The most popular contenders are the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Canary Islands and the Balearic islands.

If you’re looking for purely a nature and/or beach holiday, it’s seriously worth looking into the islands. Whilst the Balearic islands have the options of mountains and great nightlight, the Canaries are fantastic for resorts and volcanoes. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Mallorca and such are only party islands, as there are a ton of stunning remote beaches and landscapes too.

If you’re looking for glitz and glamour then Marbella or Sotogrande are good options, and also have the benefit of being somewhat near Gibraltar.

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