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Food Vendors in Medellin, Colombia

One of my favorite things to seek out and try while visiting any country is the street vendors selling food.

Medellin, Colombia is no different. Here are a few unique finds I stumbled upon.

Since Colombia is the land of Coffee, it’s no surprise that they have vendors everywhere selling delicious coffee for less than 50 cents a cup.

Street Food Vendors in Medellin, Colombia

coffee vendor, botero plaza, medellin, colombia

Colombia is the land of fruit. I can survive on these babies all day.

fruit vendor, botero plaza, medellin, colombia

Salpicon is a typical fruity drink. It’s so full of fruits that it can literally substitute a breakfast or lunch for you.

how to make salpicon, medellin colombia


Micheladas have become one of my favorite drinks since living in Guatemala. However, Colombia’s version of Micheladas are totally different, yet delicious and fruity at the same time.

michelada with mango

Dulce de Coco – literally translates to sweet coconut.  I love watching them making it fresh. It’s really heavy, so if you’re into sweet stuff like I am, it would be a good idea to eat less for lunch or dinner before diving into this yummy treat.

making dulce de coco, traditional colombian food

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