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What’s a Good Way To Celebrate 40 Years Of Being Married? Out At The Sea On A Liberty of the Seas Cruise

What’s a good way to celebrate 40 years of being married? Go on a cruise with the most important people in your life! That’s exactly what my parents did. They invited my family (2 adorable grandkids), my hubby, and my brother for a four-day three-night celebration onboard the Liberty of the Seas Cruise!

Liberty of the Seas Cruise

My parents wanted to make everyone happy since the best thing for them would to literally just be with us!

celebrating 40 years of being married on a cruise

Here were some of the things my mom thought necessary and found them in the Liberty of the Seas Cruise:

1. A climbing wall – my husband is a huge climbing junkie

climbing wall on a liberty of the seas cruise

2. Liberty of the seas ice skating rink- my brother is amazing on skates.

liberty of the seas ice skating rink

All the other stuff were similar on most cruise ships.

Those are the main reasons why we ended up going on the Royal Caribbean – Liberty of the Seas Cruise

Now the fun begins on Royal Caribbean!

Post was redacted on Nov, 2012

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