Travel on Cruises

Traveling on cruises is a wonderful experience. Those ships have everything you need on board to have a great vacation. From huge pools to hiking walls, tours from the United Kingdom to Germany, there’s a Cruise for everything and everyone.

Feel the wind blowing on your face, get a place for kids to have fun and have a nice dinner with your lover, a Cruise is one of the most complete vacations you’ll ever have.

From Different country food, clothes shops, and a different port every day makes a travel on cruises one of the bes experience to have.

What to do on Cruises, and the best family cruises to choose from.

Inside Disney Cruise: A Sneak Peek of the Fantasy That is Waiting For you

Can you fantasize about what a Fantasy Disney cruise experience will be like? It’s hard when you really have nothing to compare it to. Disney Parks are one thing, and that makes you wonder how awesome can the cruise be. There’s a lot of magic and fantasy inside Disney Cruises, activities for all ages, delicious […]

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3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

I had the unbelievable honor of being invited to the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy cruise. During this trip, I was able to thoroughly explore the boat and have fun at the off cruise experience in Castaway Caye. However, there is a good reason why I don’t go on a lot of cruises. I […]

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Out-At-Sea Fireworks Brought To You By the Walt Disney Cruise Line

Disney has bypassed and over succeeded everything they have ever done with their Walt Disney Cruise Line. They seem to be able to push the envelope with whatever new niche they take on. This is exactly what they did with Fantasy Disney Cruise Line! I had the great pleasure of being part of the Inaugural cruise with […]

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Scansail is Revolutionizing the Boat Hire Industry

If we look at some of the biggest tech companies in the world like AirBnB and Uber, a common theme is that they democratize services using the internet. Instead of dealing with just large hotels or taxi companies, they empower individuals to join the marketplace and rent their room, or become a self-employed driver themselves. […]

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Best Places to Visit When Sailing in Croatia in 2023

The Croatian coastline is known as one of the most beautiful in Europe and with a ferry ticket to Croatia already booked, you probably have your sights set on exploring it. One of the best ways to explore Croatia is by yacht and the time to do so is now!  With this list, we’ve compiled […]

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The Top 5 Secrets to All-Inclusive Cruising

Sailing across swathes of sunlit ocean, waking up to a new destination every day and luxuriating in comfortable surroundings – cruises offer a sense of freedom, space and unlimited adventure.   But for some passengers, hidden costs can cause uncertainty and anxiety. Traditional cruises often include onboard dining and entertainment, but may exclude add-ons such as […]

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How To Organize Your First Cruise Trip With The Family

The sea is something that attracts all life on this earth. All life came from the sea, it is the place where primordial soup was first formed from which life sprung. Now, even if we can not live in the ocean, we can still admire it and explore it. That is the beauty of this […]

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5 Things To Do On Castaway Cay With Disney Cruise

According to my family’s ratings, the Disney Fantasy Cruise out tops other cruises with luxury and fun. But I have to say that the Disney Off Cruise Experience at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, a private island owned by Disney, really did it for me. We did this as part of the Fantasy Disney Cruise […]

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4 Cruises in the United Kingdom You Need to Check

United Kingdom cruises offer an overly different perspective of the site you call home. You can cruise to precisely anywhere in the world from the UK, from the cloudless Mediterranean and Caribbean on a family voyage to northern Iceland and Alaska. Sailing companies offer numerous sailings to disparate locations of the British Islands (including Scilly, […]

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Top 5 Most Luxury Cruises in the World

While there are several luxury cruises in the world, there are some that stand out clearly. What is it about those luxury cruises that make them the very best in the world? Well, these cruises meant are a perfect blend of technology and modern luxury to create that unique experience for you. Now you can […]

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Perks and Benefits of the Royal Holiday Club Membership

The current digital age sets a hectic pace for individuals and families. That hectic lifestyle makes vacations and breaks from the hustle and bustle of packed schedules all the more important. The services that vacation clubs provide are highly sought after as membership means access to all their resort, cruise, accommodation, and destination choices, not […]

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Top 10 Best Cruising Tips for First-Timers

If you’re about to set sail on your first cruise or power catamaran, you should check out this blog first. If this is something you’re worried about, you’ll be happy to know there are ways to ensure your cruise trip will be amazing. Here are 10 important first-time cruising tips you should know before you […]

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8 Facts About Cruises You Probably Didn’t Know

Luxury cruises are back, after a couple of bad years for tourism. Now, as the world opens again, people are rushing out, to travel and experience hidden parts of the world. Now, as the world opens again, people are rushing out, to travel and experience hidden parts of the world like voyagers cruises in the Galapagos. […]

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Cruises for Teens: Is A Cruise Something Your Teen Will Like?

Heading off on a family cruise can be fun if you’re a busy parent, but do you think your teens will love it? Ten of the things to consider before you decide if cruising with teens is for your family. Here, you will learn about Cruises for Teens. Cruises provide a wonderful escape from the […]

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Best Destinations to Visit When Cruising South America

As you round the infamous ‘horn’ of Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of the southernmost continent, you will realize that cruising is the best way to visit exotic South America. From breathtaking fjords to rugged panoramas, the diversity of this astounding continent will be a breathtaking surprise to the traveler. Best cruise destinations in South […]

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A Day In The Cruise Port Of Cozumel, Mexico Royal Caribbean

No matter what anyone says, visiting an area, country, or whatever you want to call the place you are experiencing for the day as a Port day is NOT really visiting that country. As long as you are fully aware that you will NOT be experiencing the cultural of the place you are going to […]

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Food On A Cruise Ship And Everything You Need To Know About It

One thing I highly recommend before taking a cruise. Stop eating. This way when you arrive there you can literally become the gluttonous creature we all dream of becoming. And trust me, on a cruise you can sooo easily do this. It’s almost 24 hours. You will always find something to eat and something from […]

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Four Reasons For A Bahamas Boat rentals

The Bahamas is known for many things – its beautiful white sandy beaches, hot sunny weather, its history and the many activities you can do on the island, including scuba diving, jet-skiing and many other things. So when visiting, what combines many of these things? When visiting Bahamas boat rental,what combines many of these things?Below […]

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Top Reasons to Join a Blue Cruise in Turkey

Turkey’s famous Blue Cruise routes have been attracting all kinds of travelers for a number of years. An idyllic vacation for the young and the old, families, friends couples, and independent travelers can enjoy 4 to 8 days or more sailing on the dazzling Turkish Riviera, passing beneath the morning shadows cast by the Taurus […]

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Cruise Ships in Port – Attraction or Destination?

Every cruise ship offers port stops. Either one day or multiple different stops. From my experiences on Cruise ships, ports should be considered simply as an attraction, rather than pretending you are visiting an actual destination. One of the spots we stopped was in Cozumel, Mexico. As fun as it was, it was NOT Mexico. […]

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