Have You Visited the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Spain?

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Spain

The first thing anyone will see when starting the search on Valencia travel is City of Arts and Sciences. Even though it is said that the Cathedral is the iconic symbol of Spain and Valencia, by the looks of it, for the 21st Century, the artistic white buildings against a powerful sky are winning over the ancient style.

This incredible complex of buildings in person is so much better than it was ever captured in photos and is a must-visit. Even if you don’t have the time to explore all of it, making a short visit will blow your mind. Also if you go with kids you can take a look at bioparc, it’s more than a zoo.

Visiting the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

The complex is the brainchild and creation of local architect Santiago Calatrava. He is Valencia born, and even though he has gone on to have worldwide success (you can read all about his creations here) he put his entire heart and soul into making the Arts and Sciences Complex.

When he was commissioned to build this, he was literally given an open checkbook and a huge plot of land that in the 1990’s was nothing more than unused terrain, just a bit outside the city center. Today, this is part of the center and has grown to be a gorgeous park and residential area as well.

Buildings and Areas of the Complex: 


with kids - City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Spain

  • Inaugurated in 1998
  • This is the planetarium and space center
  • The design of this building is in the shape of an eye. It even opens up as an eye for the telescope to be used.
  • IMAX cinema

Principe Felipe Science Museum

  • It has received over 30,7 million visitors.
  • It was inaugurated in 2,000.
  • Interactive exhibitions

Palau de les Arts

opera house - City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Spain

  • This is an opera house
  • It was inaugurated in 2005.


gardens - City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Spain

  • This is a special kind of car park. It also include gardens, lakes, walkways and landscaped areas that take up 17,500 square meters.
  • There is also an exhibition of sculptures.
  • It has a capacity for 665 cars


  • Multi-fuctional space for events such as congresses, conventions, concerts, exhibitions, etc.


  • Largest aquarium in Europe

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The pools represent the main river of Valencia, Rio Turia, which at one point crossed through the city right in the area where the Center stands. But due to a huge flood in the 1950’s, the river was diverted to the outskirts of the city.

These pools are a memorial to where the river once ran.


You can literally spend an entire day here with the family. Or just come to enjoy one of the attractions. Or even to walk around the complex.

The spectacular-ness of this place will really leave you speechless. One of the most amazing architectural feats I’d ever seen.

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Last Updated on July 24, 2023

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