Why Bioparc Valencia is Different From Most Zoos

entrance - Bioparc Valencia

Valencia has fully surprised us with all the amazing family-based activities to do in this gorgeous coastal city.

So adding another unique surprise to its list is starting to be expected.

Bioparc in Valencia is one of the top zoos in the world.

Why Bioparc Valencia is Not Like the Other Zoos

My five-year-old had one request for Spain to see as many animal parks as possible. Gratefully, I am in charge of our visits. Meaning, even though we visited five cities, one animal park was plenty for me.

With that in mind, I needed to choose the one that was the most influential and most unique. After many back-and-forths with Maximo, from Valencia Tourism Board, I was convinced Valencia’s zoo was the perfect spot for us.

The Bioparc’s main theme is Africa. The majority of the animals are only from that continent and some of the surrounding islands, predominantly Madagascar.

gorillas - Bioparc Valencia

The reason why the zoo is ranked as one of the top in the world is because of the way their animals live here. They don’t have any cages. The open spaces are huge with plenty of space to run around and, due to the good life, capabilities of procreating.

Interesting Fact – did you know that there are only 500 giraffes left in the wild?

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The Madagascar Immersion Zone

lemurs - madagascar immersion - Bioparc Valencia spain

This is by far the most incredible part of the zoo. Normally during the high peak hours when there are a lot of people visiting this part is open all the time.

If you decide to come in the late afternoon, which is when we did, you will need to have a guide go in there with you. And, quite frankly, this is way better since you also learn about the exhibition in more detail – this is a free service.

What the Madagascar Immersion area is all about is to be part of Lemur’s world. You literally are right there with them only a few inches away.

Don’t touch them. But if they come to you, you can say a more personal hello.

The flora is also directly from Madascagar and the overall exhibit is really big. You can spend as much or as little time as you want here.

This was by far our favorite.


hyenas - Bioparc Valencia spain

We loved our time at the park. If you’re not into crowds, I would highly recommend coming in the last two hours of the zoo’s opening hours. When we were there we were almost the only ones in the entire zoo, making it feel like it was our own private playground.

Would you take your family to Bioparc Valencia?

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Last Updated on July 27, 2023

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