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Boston Food Trucks – They Will Surprise You!

Eating out at fancy-schmancy restaurants is fantastic and a dream for most parents traveling with young kids. We always fit in two or three dining out adventures and they are great fun. But nothing beats eating at food stands and trucks.

I hunt food trucks everywhere we visit, Boston is no different.

Great Finds – Boston Food Trucks

Food trucks and vendors are spread all over the city. However, we were able to find something for everyone around the Boston Commons area.

Meat Lovers

The kids needed their hot dogs.

boston food trucks
Hot Dogs

But they weren’t just hot dogs, yummy Italian sausages which filled my sons’ bellies.

Food Truck Boston
Sausage Food Truck

Vegetarian Lovers 

My brother, a Boston Local, introduced us to Clover Food Lab Truck.

clover food lab food truck

It’s a 100% vegetarian food truck, which is not an easy feat. I have NEVER tasted anything this good. I might not be privy to good street food, being used to eating on the streets of Latin America.  So needless to say, the falafel I got from them was nothing I had ever had before.

Falafel clover food lab food truck
Falafel Heaven

I ended up over indulging myself and eating two in one sitting. I was so full, I barely moved the rest of the day.

vegetarian food truck boston

Food stands added an extra zest to our rainy out door afternoon and I would eat it again and again!

food trucks in boston
Having Fun in the Rain

Boston Food Trucks – You Won’t go Hungry!



Clover Food Truck on Urbanspoon

20 thoughts on “Boston Food Trucks – They Will Surprise You!

  1. There are some cities where food trucks have been raised to an art form. I’ve found that anywhere with a major university usually has great (and creative) food trucks. Boston is certainly a big college town, hence the food trucks. My hometown of Philadelphia is the same way.

    Oh, and could you please pass me some of that falafel? MMMMM!
    Larissa recently posted..Free things to do in DublinMy Profile

    1. hey Kate,

      Good question. They definitely have a lot for vegans, but I’m not going to say 100% vegan. But definitely vegetarian.

      I was vegan for 6 years and know how difficult the distinction can be.

  2. The many things I would do to see that Clover lab truck outside where we’re staying right now are utterly criminal.

    It’s been too long since we last had some decent falafel, going on four or five months.

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