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Dining in Boston – Never a Shortage of Amazingness

Boston has one of the greatest selections of dining. You can find anything you like want. But it’s always fun to go for the iconic Bostonian meals. Most of them are seafood. But you’ll find others too.

Dining in Boston – Where to Eat in Boston 

We had a super lavish dining experience at Atlantic Fish Company.


We made some friends for life. This Lobster, Manny – named by my son, was over 70 years old.


The food was mouth watering.


The best New England Clam Chowder I ever had.


Fun for everyone.


Haymarket of Boston is huge, cheap market selling all sorts of food.

Cheap Cheese - Haymarket Boston

How about some fresh killed Goat for you?

Fresh Killed Goat - No Thanks - Haymarket Boston

And the Boston food stands were the most fun.


Quincy Market has the true New England Favorites.

Shop at Quincy Market

But Boston is also is known for historic landmarks. How about the oldest restaurant in the United States -Union Oyster House?


Here’s proof

Oldest restaurant in America - Union Oyster House

It all started with the Oyster bar that is still in full swing today.

Raw Bar at Union Oyster House, Boston, MA

And of course the lobsters.

Petting Lobsters - The thing to do at Union Oyster House, Boston MA

We sat in the Kennedy Booth

Kennedy Booth, Union Oyster House, Boston MA

Hipster places. Since Boston is one of the biggest college towns in the US, it only goes well with really cool places to eat.

Friendly Toast, Cambridge, Mass

Love the interior design.

Family Time - Eating out in Cambridge, Mass

And insanely large portions.

Breakfast for Champions - Friendly Toast, Boston

This was the kids favorite. Hot dogs galore.

Spike's Junkyard Dogs, Boston

They even have a hall of fame. Some of these freaks ate over 14 huge hot dogs. Curious how many of them ended up in hospitals after.

Spike's Hall of Fame, Boston


Mean dog at Spike's Junkyard Dog, Boston

More Boston Food stands

Food Truck Boston

And the best food truck I have ever eaten at in my life.

Clover Food Truck, Boston

Dining in Boston – Never a Shortage of Amazingness



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