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A Different Kind of Holiday Destination for Families: Majorca

When it comes to looking for a holiday abroad, it can often be difficult to find the best destination that appeals to the whole family, especially for those who have young children. Parents will know from experience that not everyone will agree on one location, as there might be certain things one holiday destination has that another does not. This is why Majorca is one of the most popular destinations for all UK holidaymakers, as everyone is catered for.

Photo By: Ricarda Goltz

The features that make Majorca a popular location are its weather, its activities, and its beautiful beaches. While it is warm all year round, the hottest months are July and August, so holidaymakers who aim to definitely get a tan might want to visit during these months – although they should not forget to wear sun cream.

During the other months of the year, it can be a little cooler, but certainly not as cool as the UK. This is why it’s perfect if you have young children: you can enjoy the warm weather without being worried about your children getting sunburnt. It is still essential that sun cream is worn however, as the sun is still powerful even when it is not shining as bright.

While the kids make a splash of their own, the adults might want to explore the island to its fullest potential. Whether they choose to do this by taking up one of the island’s private sailing opportunities or by exploring some of its caves – not least the enormous and incredible Cuevas Del Drach – Majorca is an island sure to enrich the mind.

Another aspect of Majorca that really makes its special is the fact that, despite being some distance (both geographically and culturally) from mainland Spain, its Balearic cousins of Ibiza and Menorca are in close proximity. It is not difficult or overly expensive to island-hop and take in a sample of what each of the three islands – which are close in proximity but diverse in what they offer their visitors – have to offer.

If you’ve been to any of the resorts in Majorca, you’ll already know that it caters to practically everyone. Singles and couples might want to visit the party side of Magaluf, while families and older people might find the day time activities in Magaluf just as appealing. Whatever floats your boat, it’s worth speaking to a company like Co-op Travel that has experience and knowledge of the area.

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