Spanish Coastline Towns: Top 5 Most Beautiful Seaside Towns in Menorca, Spain

Imagine a beautiful place with nearly endless sun. Imagine the glistening waves from the amazing Mediterranean Sea, and inviting culture. Here are some of the most beautiful towns on the coastline in Menarca, Spain.

Menorca is a place of quiet solitude and sun that you can visit in Spain. It’s full of Bronze Age relics and an environmental preserve. These elements preserve the peaceful nature of Menorca.

So if you’re planning to visit Menorca, Spain, which of these quiet, seaside towns is the right pick for you?

Beautiful Coastline Towns in Menorca

Beautiful Seaside Towns in Menorca

1. Es Grau

The Telegraph called Es Grau Europe’s secret seaside, and it still holds that serene vibe.

Es Grau is part of the S’Albufera des Grau nature reserve. Thanks to this, it’s protected from overdevelopment.

Es Grau’s peaceful whitewashed Mediterranean-style homes have kept their small-town vibe.

When you visit, enjoy walks down the long, sandy beaches. They’re safe for young toddlers and small children. You would have to wade out 130 feet before the water is even deep enough for swimming.

Older family members can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding. These are perfect adventures to explore the crystalline teal waters.

Love birdwatching? In spring and fall, migrating birds rest at the local lake. It’s a perfect time to sit back and watch a natural tradition that’s lasted for thousands of years.

There are several local bars and restaurants to sit and eat. Different restaurants around the town can fit any taste. Some specialize in seafood. Others offer pizza from top pizza chains and sandwiches for young picky eaters.

2. Binibeca Vell

Binibeca Vell is described as “a town that looks like it came from a postcard.”

Unlike other towns across Menorca, Binibeca Vell was built throughout the ’60s and ’70s. But don’t worry. The entire town was designed with the spirit of Mediterranean fishing villages in mind.

And it holds its small-town tourist roots. There are less than 200 homes throughout Binibeca Vell. This tourist town holds the essence of a fishing village, down to every last detail.

In the town itself, it’s best to walk throughout its labyrinthian streets. Wander and get lost, and know you’ll eventually find yourself at the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’re looking to enjoy Binibeca Vell away from other tourists, avoid August. August is typically the town’s busiest and hottest month.

If you love Binibeca Vell, you may even want to consider a villa for sale.

3. Fornells

Fornells was originally founded to protect Spain from pirates. A watchtower was built, but that proved to be insufficient. The king ordered a castle as well, but thanks to lack of funds, it had to be postponed. The castle eventually started to come to fruition in 1637, twelve years later.

Today, the town holds about 1000 residents.

Fornells is an old Mediterranean fishing village that lives in respect of nature. Parts of the town hold three small islands. Here, you can spot an endemic species of lizard that live exclusively on these small shores.

Looking for something to do? Try windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, or scuba diving. Stroll along the pristine and peaceful shores, or wade in the calm waters.

And there’s plenty to eat. Fornells is pretty self-sustaining, so any seafood dish you order is sure to be local. It’s rumored the King of Spain even ate The Es Pla restaurant. They’re famous for their lobster Caldereta.

But family-friendly bars and restaurants abound throughout the small town as well.

4. Ciutadella

Ciutadella is full of rich history. It was originally built by the Carthaginians back in the fourth century. It swapped hands several times until it became a major trading port in the Middle Ages.

A city this old is perfect for history buffs who want to explore the way a city changes hands throughout time. Architecture changes to reveal the town’s various overlords.

The closest beaches are a little less than two miles away, but worth the visit. Relax on the sandy beaches or wade in the gentle waves. Explore Ciutadella’s history-rich and serene coast.

There are plenty of restaurants to take your family to or enjoy fancy dinners with a loved one.

5. Cala en Porter

Looking to explore Menorca’s beautiful sea cliffs? Check out Cala en Porter. Here you can dine in restaurants that sit right on the cliffside.

The beaches at Cala en Porter are sheltered by the massive seaside cliffs. Water is calm and sunbathing is abundant.

Cala en Porter offers a small but lively nightlife, with dance clubs and karaoke bars. There’s plenty to do for kids, too.

Public transit is available too. In summer, at the height of the tourist season, up to six buses run and make stops throughout the day.

If you can, schedule your trip to enjoy Cala en Porder’s fiesta. This annual fiesta celebrates the town. It’s a lively party for the whole village that usually takes place around the fall solstice in September.

Cala en Porter is perfect for families of all sizes. There’s plenty to do at any age and plenty of restaurants and bars for even the pickiest eaters.

Menorca Is a Quiet Mediterranean Escape

To get the most out of your relaxing vacation, visit one of these beautiful Menorca towns.

Menorca is Spain’s quietest island, perfect for your family to relax and enjoy a new culture. Take a honeymoon for your perfect peaceful getaway, or take a solo trip to discover yourself in peace.

When you need to unwind, Menorca’s quiet seaside towns are the place to be.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2023

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