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Best Places to Visit in Ibiza

Despite being a seemingly small island, it’s never easy booking a holiday where you don’t already know the vibe of different neighborhoods. Where do I go for a townhouse in a village or a hotel on the beach? Where are the clubs at? Or the museums? Here is our quick guide to the best places in Ibiza.

Best villas to rent in Ibiza

When visiting Ibiza, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to accommodation. Because it’s so popular with tourists, many of which are affluent, there’s a great selection of hotels, villas, and apartments.

A good option for villas is, which has no commission and a wide selection of mid-to-high range villas. So, there’s a lot of luxury to choose from, but when pooling together money from multiple people – friends and family – a large villa can become quite economical.

Otherwise, there are a lot of hotels to choose from. These can be ideal for very short stays (i.e. a weekend) and good for solo travelers and couples on a budget. 

Which coast to settle on?

Ibiza is quite small, but it’s not a good idea to take the assumption that it’s so small you needn’t consider which part you’re going to. Ibiza town is the center – this is where the buzzing nightlife is, among many incredible restaurants, shopping, and amenities. Ibiza town is located southwest of the island and has its own port.

However, it’s not the only port on the island. Sant Antoni de Portmany is a port town located on the other side of the island, eastwards. This is a fairly lively place too (due to being a popular port), and also has great nightlife. In fact, it’s home to Eden and Ibiza Rocks, so you can have an equally fun time here.

These are the two living areas, but it’s far from all that Ibiza has to offer. Head north from Ibiza town to the west of the island and you will find Santa Eulalia del Río. This is a very quiet, laid-back resort area where families come for a great beach – but is still only 20 km from Ibiza’s airport. There are some even quieter villages than this too if you head further north.

Playa d’en Bossa is good in between. It’s very close to Ibiza town – close enough to visit for the evening. But here you will find laid-back lounging with great bars and a mixed atmosphere. The north of this area has all-day music and cocktail bars, whilst the south has more families and quiet areas.

Must-see attractions

Besides the world-class nightclubs, there’s a lot to see in Ibiza. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of stunning beaches around, like Benirrás, but you’re always within arms reach of a great one. What goes a little more unappreciated is the culture in Ibiza, such as the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art, which hosts some world-famous artists, including Antoni Marí Ribas who was born on the island.

Cala Comte really shows off the nature in Ibiza too, which is a rocky coastline (there is a small beach there) that has shallow waters and can be a great way to catch the sunset. It’s worth catching the hippy markets, of course, as well as Puig des Molins necropolis, which is the ruins of a 7th-century BCE Phoenician settlement site.

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