How to Upgrade Economy to Business Class in Etihad

There are several methods to enjoy a comfortable stay at the height of around 39,000 feet. Did you get it? It is referred to an aircraft and types of cabins available in this metal bird. The bulk of population chooses the economy class for its affordability. Others take advantage of versatile web services like to get an airfare discount.Six tips on how to get an upgrade from economy to business class.Take a look at this list of tips to upgrade economy to business class.

Upgrade Economy to Business Class

Believe or not, it is possible to buy a premium class deal for half a price or even better. Still, there is another widespread option offered by most air companies. It stipulates an opportunity to buy a coach class ticket and convert it into a business one. How is it possible? Let’s observe in terms of Etihad Airways.

Official Upgrade Options
The best source of intelligence about a certain company is its official website. It is rather convenient and usable in the times of digitization. So, if you visit Etihad web resource and find the Upgrade Options page, you will know the following ways: Guest Miles, bidding, a check-in and push upgrade. Are you thrilled? Then, we need to review each of them.

Guest Miles
If you are not a novice in the air traveling, there is no need to interpret the core of a loyalty program. A client collects miles from previous flights and earns its status (Silver, Gold, and Platinum). A certain amount of miles allows redeeming them for bonuses including the premium class promotion. Obviously, every flight requires a specific amount of such virtual currency. It relies upon the route, cabin class, and original airfare type. The miles exchange operation can be performed via your Etihad account. At the same time, clients can buy miles via credit card.

Upgrade Economy to Business Class

Push Upgrade
A lack of membership in the mentioned program is not the reason to upset since your money are also accepted for promoting your cabin class. All you need is to call the customer service 48 hours before the departure and buy the upgrade in accordance with applicable terms. Mind to have an eligible-for-the-upgrade ticket. As a rule, indexes T and E on the ticket expel its upgrade eligibility.

This option cannot be called the most effective but is definitely the most attractive one. Have you ever gambled? If you liked it then Etihad’s upgrade bidding is for you. If not, think about a chance to enjoy exquisite food and sleep on a fully flat bed for less than the entire business class airfare. Such features cannot but appeal. So, here is the algorithm of your actions.

Find the My Trip tab on the Etihad homepage. Choose “Upgrade Your Flight” and fill required fields. After that, find the bidding option and submit your offer. The principle is simple – the more you submit the more chances to win. If you hesitate about the relevance of your initial bid, you can modify it in the appropriate tab.

Check-In Upgrade
This option is usually chosen by clients who failed to use solutions above to move from lower class to the higher one. So, the final opportunity to do this is available at the very check-in desk. Here you can use Guest Miles, cash and cashless methods to pay for the upgrade.

What You Get
If you succeeded to change the cabin class, it is good to know what you get.

– Premium class guests have an access to lounge areas and extra baggage allowance.
– Upgraded guests are not entitled to chauffeur services.
– Bonus miles are accrued in accordance with the original ticket.

We hope that described methods will be in use for your endeavor. Have a nice trip.

Last Updated on December 12, 2021

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