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5 First-Time Private Jet Travel Tips

Flying in a private jet can be an exciting prospect, but if you’ve never done it before, it can also leave you feeling a bit nervous and out of place. For added security and peace of mind, aircraft operators carry their own liability insurance policy so that’s something you shouldn’t be burdened with as you take in all this new information. The rules of air travel change when you go from a standard airline to flying in a private jet, and you should take the time to learn this new etiquette before you arrive at the airport. Luckily, it isn’t that difficult; in fact, it’s mostly just common-sense tips that will help you navigate this new territory.Five tips for taking your first trip on board of a private jet.Check this out to learn all about my private jet travel tips.

Private Jet Travel Tips

5 First-Time Private Jet Travel Tips

Dress Appropriately
This is largely dependent on why you’re flying on a private jet in the first place. If you’re there for business purposes, you should dress the same way as you would in the office. If you have a more casual dress code at your place of work, then it might be a good idea to go a tad bit dressier than usual. Are you flying for pleasure? Then, dress as you’d wish. But, keep in mind any other passengers that might be traveling with you.

Board in the Right Order
This really only applies if you’re flying with someone who is “in charge,” so to speak. This person is your host and likely the person who invited you to fly with them. When boarding the jet, this person should go first.

This allows your host to go to their normal or favorite seat, making it less likely that you’ll commit the faux pas of taking it. Of course, if your host insists, you should board first. If you’re the one in charge, however, feel free to board first.

Use Your Devices

Private Jet Travel Tips

While you have to turn your devices off in a commercial airplane, this isn’t the case when you’re flying on a private jet. You can use your devices as you please. This includes phones, laptops, gaming devices, and anything else.

To make this as pleasurable of an experience as possible, many private jets actually come with internet, either wireless or with available plug-ins, so that you can use your devices to their fullest extent. Are you traveling for business? The jet may even have a small business center!

Be Discreet with Social Media

Private Jet Travel Tips

This is especially true if you’re flying with others and you aren’t the host on the aircraft. While you can use the internet and your devices, you should do so discreetly if possible. This is especially true if you’re flying for business purposes; it’s best not to use social media at all, or, at the least, very sparingly in these situations.

If you’re flying for leisure, take others into consideration, they might want some privacy. Always ask before you take pictures, even if no one is in them. And, always ask before you tag someone!

Tip the Pilot
This is likely to come as a surprise to anyone who hasn’t flown in a private jet before. Before your flight, you’ll likely meet the pilot. While flying, you might even be allowed in the cockpit to see the pilot in action. This openness with the person flying the jet is one of the best parts of flying in a private jet.

So, why not tip the person who got you from point A to point B safely and efficiently? If your pilot has done a good job, then leaving a tip, while not mandatory, is a polite thing to do.

Flying in a private jet for the first time can be an exciting experience. With these tips, you can make it even more pleasurable by not making any etiquette mistakes.

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