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Tips for Flying Your Dog in Cargo: Consequences and Understanding


Tips for Flying Your Dog in Cargo: Consequences and Understanding

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If you have a big dog, 40 kilos and more, and you want to fly with your dog, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to do it using cargo. It does depend on the airline, every airline is different, and some don’t even accept dogs that size at all. It can be complicated to travel with a huge dog, that’s why I have listed a few tips for flying your dog in cargo, and things you need to take into consideration before doing it.

Around 86 pounds before the actual crate, and you have to add in the crate because a lot of airlines include the crate as part of the weight of the dog. Normally, it begins at around 90 pounds. So for instance, we have a huge German shepherd, and altogether he is much more than the minimum weight for some airlines, which is 90 pounds, which includes the crate.

Flying a Dog in Cargo

If your dog is over that weight limit, you have to cross over into the cargo department. Cargo is complicated, but the worst part about cargo, is its expensive. It can literally cost you between $3000 to 8000$ I am not exaggerating, but there are options.

Private chartered jets for animals

There are many amazing Facebook groups for private chartered jets for animals, so it’s a lot of people are coming together. It still ends up costing around the same as it would with cargo, but you get to travel with your dog in the cabin, and you get a private jet experience.

Airlines and their maximum weight

Another thing is, depending on where you’re flying. Well, you could have a lot of options where there are a lot of different airlines because some airlines actually permit you to go up to about a hundred and twenty-five pounds before putting into cargo, so make sure you find out which airline and what their maximum weight is, including the crate for you to understand the difference. Because that could literally be the difference between having them in the baggage hold or cargo.

Baggage hold is only like $250 versus $3 to $10 thousand.

Cargo Companies

If you have to go cargo, you also have to go with a cargo company. You cannot go with the airline, you need to hire the cargo company. So as you understand it becomes even more complex, so you need to do your homework. It is not on a whim to just go with your big dog.


You really need to plan this out a lot of times if you have the opportunity to drive, even if it’s like 6000 miles, it would be a lot cheaper and probably a lot less hassle to travel with your pet. It will be more hassle-free for you to do that, so these are just some options you need to consider when traveling with a big dog.

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