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Tips to Keep Your Data Safe When Traveling Abroad

Safety Travel Tips - Keep Your Information Safe While Abroad

I’ve said it many times and will never tire of repeating it: Traveling is the most amazing thing you can do in your life. However, it has its risks, and you need to be prepared. One of them is information theft. It mostly occurs when you get your devices to different internet connections in cafés, hostels, airports, and now airplanes.

Every time, it is more and more common to hear that someone got their credit card information stolen. There are many ways that thieves use to do this, but one of the most common ones is fishing for information on your internet browser when you allow a network to be connected to your device.

Luckily it is easy to get protected. The one I find easier is using a browser that includes features that protect your information. So far my favorite is Cocoon.

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Keep Your Information Safe While Abroad

How does it work?

Security (Secure Encrypted Browsing)

To use it, you have to create an account and be logged in. Everything you search for, see and do while you are logged in remains private and secure. For that, they use a military-grade encrypted connection that gives you worry-free online browsing, shopping, or banking.

It also has an antivirus that prevents any malware from being downloaded on your PC or Mac

Privacy (Anti-Tracking, Leave No Trace)

Most of the websites that you visit allow trackers to record your information to later sell it. By using Cocoon, you are not allowing others to have your search behavior tracked, and all cookies are deleted after every session.

You will be able to test that by paying attention to ads. Go shopping, and you will notice that you won’t see related ads appear later or browsing history.

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Just as it happens to most browsers lately, by having your account open on your device you get immediate access to all your favorite shows and music, no matter where you are.

This means that you can watch all your Netflix shows while traveling abroad and access Facebook or Google from countries where it is blocked.

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