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Rabies Vaccine: An Essential Step to Traveling With Your Pet


Rabies Vaccine: An Essential Step to Traveling With Your Pet

dog getting rabies vaccine

Rabies is a big thing, the US and some other countries have a CDC ban in effect, or I should say CDC has put a ban on entering certain countries because of rabies. It’s the stupidest possible law and rule and whatever you want to call it out there because the dogs that are traveling will not have rabies. These are dogs that are cared for. Regardless, the point is rabies. You need to have your dogs vaccinated with rabies shots if you want to travel with them. Today we’re going to be talking about rabies vaccines for traveling with your dog.

Your dog needs to have the rabies vaccine for 30 days before you leave so that they have the full antibodies.

Rabies Vaccine and Blood Work

Now if you want to travel internationally with your pet to certain places, you also need to show the blood work, and it will depend on the country that you’re coming from. For instance, if you’re coming from the US, it’s pretty easy to get the blood work really fast if you’re going to be traveling to Europe.

Let’s say, however, that because we are traveling out of Guatemala to get the blood work, it first needs to go to the US and come back, so it takes almost four to six months. No joke, four to six months to get everything in order for the dog to be able to get on a plane and enter a lot of the countries, US, Europe, and other countries like that.


Also, for some countries, you need to deal with that stupid CDC ban, but because that is temporary and ever-changing, you need to contact your embassy, the country that you’re visiting to see if they do have the CDC ban, so that is something extra, and you’ll need to fill out the form through CDC.

Rabies Certificate

You still always have to show your rabies paperwork to them before you get anything approved, so make sure you find out exactly what you need, how long it takes before you plan on making any of these international plans, or set them in stone and buy the tickets for you and your pup. Ok, super important guys. This is something you need to find out. Remember, rabies shots are a crucial component to first, having a dog. I think every dog should be vaccinated in the 1st place, but for international travel.

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