Mexican Atole: A Taste of a Traditional Drink


different types of mexican atole in mud vessels

Today we’re going to be talking about the traditional drink Atole in Mexico.  Atole or Atolli, also called Atol de Elote, is a very common traditional drink in Mexico, but we have it also in Guatemala.

What is Mexican Atole?

Basically, what it is, it’s literally corn, elote type of hot drink made with cornmeal and different additives. So there are many different styles. This is a very, very common drink throughout Mexico, especially on the streets, since I get a little bit iffy about street food because you just really never know.


I found a really awesome place in Oaxaca. It’s an Atolaria.

An Atolaria means that they offer different types of atoles. And one thing about this place was that they had a tasting of Atoles. That’s like my dream come true. I love tastings.

I think every restaurant in the world should have tastings of their different dishes, small, little portions, and then you say, you know what? I love this. Or the actual dish is the tasting or various tastings.

tasting different types of atole in mexico

Different Types of Atole

There are many different kinds of atoles, but if you see it on the streets, it’s usually the original one, which does have a little bit of sugar in it. Sometimes you could find atole that has rice as well. That makes it even thicker. And obviously, if they champurrado, you know that it is with chocolate.

They had one that had the fruit of the season, which was guayaba. They literally just put guayaba, real guayaba, with the elote that they made the atole.


We had the most traditional, which is literally just corn, the elote with water.


Another one especially in the Oaxaca region, and I think overall in Mexico, it’s a really popular version called champurrado which means elote, the atole drink with Oaxacan chocolate. It’s a really thick drink. It’s sweet, and it’s quite good, and that’s a really popular one as well. They also had a couple with different nuts.

Nut and Guayaba

We personally loved the one with the nut and the guayaba. The original one is very plain tasting because it doesn’t even have sugar.

serving the mexican atole


So if you come to Mexico or to a place where they have the atole, I really recommend it.

First, you do need to know that it is quite heavy, so it could fill you up a lot. It could be half of a meal almost, especially if you’re drinking a big portion of it. But when you go for a tasting, the cool thing is you get to really see which one you like the most. So the champurrado, if you’re a chocolate lover, it’s a great one. We love the one with the fruit and the one with the nuts was really good because you get to taste the nuts and then the rice.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

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