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4 Great Summer Holidays in Australia

Due to Covid-19, it’s likely that your summer holiday plans may look a lot different than they did 12 months ago. If you’ve been planning an overseas holiday, for example, that’s probably not on the cards this year. Four places to visit if you are looking for some of the most amazing summer holidays in Australia. Learn about Summer Holidays in Australia

However, the beauty of Australia is there’s an abundance of places to see, and many of them you don’t even need air travel for. Australia’s rich landscape is diverse and offers something for everyone. Also, you should know that Australia is one of the most affordable destinations to travel to in summer. So, if you’ve got time for a summer holiday but nowhere to go, think again! Because these holiday ideas should be plenty to get your travel juices flowing.

Summer Holidays in Australia

Top Summer Holidays in Australia

Drive the Great Ocean Road

One of the great Australian drives is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The road stretches between the Victorian towns of Torquay and Allansford, offering plenty of activities and things to see along the way.

If you love big natural attractions, there’s plenty to see along the way, including the 12 Apostles, the Volcanic Plains and plenty of National Parks that offer plenty of outdoor fun. There’s also heaps to do for the adventurous folks out there, with mountain biking or canoeing. Not to mention all the amazing food and drinks you can experience at towns along the way.

Lap Up the Sun and Surf in Queensland

For the beach lovers out there, a trip to Queensland is a great way to spend your summer holidays. You can check out the excitement of the Gold Coast, visit the capital city of Brisbane and its many suburbs, and enjoy all the natural beauty and incredible beaches on the Sunshine Coast, through a number of Sunshine Coast tours.  If you’ve got time, you may even be able to explore the Great Barrier Reef or visit the Whitsundays.

For your fix of beautiful weather, stunning beaches and a relaxed holiday this year, check out all the things to do and see in Queensland.

Cruise the Murray River

Cruising along the Murray River is one of Australia’s great holidays. Not only is it relaxing, but the landscape is unbelievable. You can board a Murray River Cruise from either Adelaide in South Australia, or Echuca in Victoria. All you need to do is pick your vessel and how many nights you’d like the cruise to last. There are plenty of options to fit into everybody’s travel schedule, and it’s an experience you won’t forget.

So, jump on board the Murray Princess, Proud Mary, or the Emmylou, and enjoy the beauty of the Murray River.

A Driving Holiday in Tasmania

Often overlooked by holiday-makers, Tasmania may be small in size but it’s rich in amazing wilderness. One of Australia’s most untouched states, Tasmania is perfect for a driving holiday either with the family or solo. Many people who visit the main population center of Hobart often say they wish they’d hired a car or van to explore the rest of the state.

You could spend a couple of weeks driving throughout Tasmania and seeing its natural beauty for yourself. You can take your own car across on the Spirit of Tasmania, or hire a car or van once you get there. The beauty of our little island has to be seen to be believed.

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