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Affordable Summer Travel: 5 Best Places to Go

The winter is slowly coming to an end, and with the rise in the temperature comes the surge in reservations for the summer holidays. It’s the last moment to book something affordable, as prices will only grow with time. If you miss your chance now, you might have to give up your holidays abroad and try again next year.When traveling on a tight budget, every penny counts.You can use these amazing special deals as possible to make Affordable Summer Travel.

Affordable Summer Travel

Destinations such as Paris, Tuscany, or Seychelles might be out of your reach if you have a limited budget. However, you can still have wonderful holidays outside of expensive travel hotspots. The world is full of beautiful areas where you can have great fun without draining your wallet. With one simple Google search, you’ll learn about places such as Vietnam, Thailand, Albania, Argentina, or Cape Verde. 

When traveling on a tight budget, every penny counts. You can use these amazing promo codes and find other special deals to make your trip as affordable as possible. Depending on where you live, by visiting one of the countries described in detail below, you’ll create unforgettable summer memories, and at the same time, you’ll keep some of the money to yourself.


Vietnam has one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, and it is also one of the cheapest countries to travel around – the cost of living is relatively low, while food is cheap yet delicious, so you’ll never go hungry. With affordable prices and beautiful landscapes, Vietnam is a great place to visit this summer.

Depending on the region, the Vietnamese climate is either tropical or temperate, and it’s influenced by the monsoons. The low season for traveling to Vietnam is between November and March, which is also when the weather is also more pleasant. As such, it might be a good idea to move your vacation in time and book a trip in winter.

Aside from the natural wonders of Halong Bay, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and Sapa countryside, the country boasts many historic and modern sites that will take your breath away. You definitely have to see places such as My Son, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hue. 


Thailand is another Asian country that attracts tourists from around the world. It’s a beautiful tropical country with white sand beaches, colorful temples, and friendly locals. Thailand is also famous for its delicious and affordable street food. 

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Thailand offers great accommodation options at reasonable prices. During the high season (generally November to February), you can expect prices to skyrocket, but if you go there during the off-season you might be able to have a pleasant stay for half the price.

If you want to experience traditional Thai culture, you should visit during a Thai holiday such as Songkran, the Thai New Year’s national holiday. 


Albania is one of Europe’s hidden gems – a small country with beautiful coastal lines and mountains that are waiting to be explored by tourists who are looking for something different. It’s not too expensive to visit Albania, so it’s a perfect destination if you’re on a budget. 

If you want something more than sunbathing and drinking cocktails on the beach, Albania has a lot to offer, e.g., the UNESCO town of Gjirokastra, Porto Palermo castle, or Bunk’Art museum. 

Moreover, you can find there wonderful national parks, swim in crystal clear lakes, or enjoy some of Albania’s unique dishes, such as Tavë Kosi, Ferges, or Tarator, which are served in restaurants across the country for an affordable price.

Albania has a Mediterranean climate, with four distinct seasons. The summers are dry, hot, and sunny, while the winters tend to be mild. If you are planning on visiting Albania during July or August, which is also the high season, you should expect temperatures as high as 32 °C (89.6 °F) – or even higher.


Guatemala is not among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Located in Central America, it is a relatively small country with a rich culture and history. It boasts beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, and delicious traditional food – street food stalls where you can try some of the tasty Guatemalan dishes, such as chuchitos or pepián.

The weather here is tropical and warm, so you can go to the beach or visit the Mayan ruins without worrying about layers of clothes. You should bear in mind, though, that the country has two distinct seasons – dry (November-May) and rainy (May-October). During the rainy season, you might have to deal with heavy downpours, but that’s also a good time to visit the national parks as they will be full of wild animals.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. The archipelago is composed of 10 volcanic islands with stunning landscapes and golden beaches. Cape Verde offers great weather (sunshine all year round), delicious food, and affordable accommodation rates. If you’re looking for an exotic destination for your summer holiday, this is the place for you.

If you love beaches, you will be delighted by the number of pristine white-sand beaches in Cape Verde. The islands are surrounded by crystal blue water with dazzling shades of turquoise and emerald green. And if you’re looking for adventure, you can explore the island on horseback or hike through hidden trails on top of majestic mountains. 

In Conclusion

The summer is almost here, and if you want to make the most of it, you have to start planning your holidays now. If you’re looking for affordable travel destinations where you can enjoy sand and sun, we recommend you to visit any of the countries mentioned above. 

Whether you choose to go to Vietnam, Thailand, Albania, Guatemala, or Cape Verde, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience this summer. Maybe this summer you will visit one of them and make us envy you for your budget traveling experience. 

And if those destinations don’t suit your preferences, there are plenty of other countries where you can enjoy a great vacation on a budget.

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