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Digital Asset Issues Facing Travel Bloggers and How DAM can Help

From missing files to sifting through thousands of duplicates, searching for the latest versions of your social media branding, it’s clear that travel bloggers have a lot more to worry about than just getting that perfect selfie. Problems with your digital assets can cause issues across your social platforms, making it difficult for you to manage your brand, publish consistent content and create a trustworthy online presence for followers to engage with.How a DAM can take care of all of the Digital Asset Issues that you might have as a travel blogger.Learn all about Blogging tips.

These kinds of issues tend to plague travel influences, and being away from home in areas with connectivity blackspots or the inability to access all your files securely doesn’t just exacerbate you as an influence, but your followers too. As a mobile business, you’ll need unprecedented access to your digital assets whenever you require them, across time zones, continents and connections. This is where cloud-based Digital Asset Management software comes in. Digital Asset Management software from can help keep your digital assets in check, providing an intuitive user experience, streamlining your content sharing and helping you make the most of your digital creations.

Digital Asset Issues

Here we’ll explore the biggest Digital Asset Issues facing travel bloggers and how DAM can help

Version and quality control

Whether you are sifting through hundreds of selfies, or you’re trying to get the lighting just right on one of your edited photos for your Instagram grid, you need the up to date, best version of your content. Once you save these files, finding them again in your myriad of almost identical images and other digital assets is a time consuming and incredibly frustrating process. This can lead to the wrong image or video version being uploaded and causing quality control issues.

With and their DAM software, straightforward and smart file uploads mean that you’ll only ever see the latest version of your desired file, first. Eliminating the need to scroll through everything trying to find the right one. Keeping your posts accurately updated and consistent is key.

Finding the right file

In a similar vein, searching for the right file can be a real headache, especially if you have years’ worth of digital assets to work through.

With DAM software, smart Google-style searches mean that metadata tags can help you pinpoint the exact file you need within seconds, regardless of when you last opened the image, created it, or saved it.

Security and access control

Perhaps you’re working with an agency, a holiday company or your trip is gifted and you’re required to share your posts and content for approval before they’re posted. If so, sharing your digital assets and files can create all kinds of headaches, especially if you’re concerned about online security or information leaks.

Thankfully, DAM software from means that security breaches with emails or hard drives are a thing of the past. You’re in full control of who can access certain files and for how long. You can restrict access to specific files and folders and even revoke access to your digital assets within a certain period. This makes the sharing of your digital assets much safer and gives you peace of mind. It also demonstrates to third parties how seriously you take your role as this can also protect them and their latest ad campaigns.

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