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Business Survival Advice for Travel Bloggers During the COVID-19 Crisis

During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, more than 40 million people are in quarantine with millions more under restricted movement advice. This is having a major impact on the global economy with estimates valuing the turndown costing 2.7 trillion dollars. (Prior to the crisis, the global economy was estimated at $80 trillion.)All sorts of Advice for Travel Bloggers on things that can be done to stay afloat during the health crisis.Look here advice for blogger.

Advice for Travel Bloggers

Practically every sector will experience a negative hit but one that will suffer comparatively more than others is the travel industry. With planes grounded, people not going on holiday, cruises ships docked, and many major companies banning international and domestic business trips, the impact on the travel industry is expected to be in the region of $820 billion. The hotel industry is already reporting weekly revenue reductions of £1.4 billion.

Travel businesses aren’t just losing physical traffic; internet traffic and conversions are also severely impacted. And, it isn’t just legacy travel and travel infrastructure that are affected. Peripheral and related services are also feeling the downturn.

So how do you stay afloat as a travel blogger until the world starts moving again? It is important to keep your website ticking over rather than leave it in stasis.

Business Survival Advice for Travel Bloggers

Collect New Leads

You may not be earning much from your website during the crisis, but you can lay some grounds for future monetization by collecting new leads. You can do this by networking with other bloggers or working on ways to increase your email list. You might look into other marketing channels such as where your niche overlaps with other services and companies and find a way to cross-collaborate.

Improve Your Website

This is a good time to look at various aspects of your site. Some people say this is the perfect time to start writing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles. They say you should start working on your search engine ranking, but the truth is that while the travel industry is in stasis, so is the search engine ranking system. After all, how are Google and Bing to choose which are the best articles on traveling to a certain area if nobody is searching for travel articles? It would be like offering a menu in a restaurant to a room with nobody in it.

If you are going to improve your website, get a little more experimental. Write the sort of things that you have always wanted to write but have always had to conform to your usual standard. For example, write a 10,000 words article on all the places that ever gave you a stomach upset. Do an epic photo post showing you going around the world each year where the viewer can see you getting older and older.

Social Media Mentions and Links

The online travel world may be quieter than a mouse’s grave, but the social media world is buzzing full of people who have nothing better to do. Why not extend your online experimentation into social media. The questions you ask and answer on your website could extend into social media.

Even the previous examples would figure quite easily into social media. You could ask people where they have had the most intestinal distress while traveling abroad, or you could ask people to share their most embarrassing holiday pictures from back in the 80s. You could go online and search for useful online resources to help you stay afloat during the pandemic, like this COVID-19 Survival kit created by Travelpayouts. The bottom line is that even now travel is not the most lucrative niche, as a travel blogger you can get to be prepared for future travels. Travel experts predict there would be a surge in travel since people will be so tired of spending months at home.

Search Out New Acquisition Methods

Perhaps it is your time to try Pinterest, or a social media scheduling program like Buffer or Hootsuite. Perhaps it is time to change up your game plan. For example, Nerdrotic is an online activist who defends the “Fandom Menace” and he started doing live streams during the lockdown. “The Critical Drinker” created a whole new channel to add to his collection where he fixes movie characters without altering the plot points in movies. Savings websites went from regular savings tips to now doing reviews, and gaming websites are focusing on indie games to make up for what is likely to be a long dry season with regards to AAA game releases.

Experiment With More Than Just Acquisition and Marketing Methods

You need to experiment a little and try some new things. Of course you can work on what you have and improve what you have, but there has been no better time to mix things up a little. Think of it as a buffer for your failure. If you try a bunch of new things and fail miserably, then it will not matter because travel bloggers are in a holding position. If what you do fails miserably, you are not going to lose all your viewers and readers to your other travel-blogging competitors because they too are in a holding position and their viewer numbers are likely to be just as low as your own.

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