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Jet Lag, Security and Germs: Tackling Today’s Business Air Travel Stressors

Business travel can go one of two ways: either you prepare, get the job done and have a great time, or you have an awful time because you weren’t prepared and you barely made it to the meetings on time.Travel tips on how you can have a more relaxed trip the next time you embark on business air travel.Take a look at these air travel tips.

Don’t let the second possibility happen to you. There are ways you can ensure that your next business trip will go smoothly if you take the time to do things right and think ahead. Seeing new places while getting work done can be the norm if you know what you are doing. Here are a few tips to think about next time that business trip looms on the horizon:

Jet Lag
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Jet Lag, Security and Germs: Tackling Today’s Business Air Travel Stressors

Stay Safe during air travel

Safety should be a concern for every traveler, especially if you are going somewhere you’ve never been before. You should take the time before your trip to have at least a passing knowledge of the area you will be spending most of your time in, whether it’s just the neighborhood you will be staying in or a large portion of a city where you plan to sneak in some sightseeing.

A simple internet search can reveal a lot about any area of a town or city. Make a list of all of the places you plan to visit while traveling and take a few minutes to research each one. News clippings, restaurant reviews and event schedules will all tell a tale about safety issues such as crime rate. This way, you can avoid areas of concern and perhaps even make new plans if you choose.

While you are traveling, make sure to keep your possessions safe as well. Never carry large amounts of cash on you and keep the credit cards you carry to a minimum.

Stay Clean during air travel

Cleanliness can be an issue when traveling, from the airport to your hotel room. You don’t want to bring back a cold for a souvenir when you return, so do everything you can to stay clean.

A small bottle of sanitizer that fits in your pocket can be a great way to kill germs at every step of your business trip. Bacitracin is an over-the-counter antibacterial cream that you can use not only to sanitize your hands, but to ward off sickness. You can take a very small dab and rub in in each nostril before you get on the airplane: since it kills bacteria, it will help prevent any that is circulating in the cabin air to enter your nose and make you sick. Just be sure not to use it on large areas of your body, as this will reduce the effectiveness of it.

In a pinch, you can even use the cream on a napkin to sanitize small surfaces in your hotel room.

Save Money

Nothing would make your boss happier than if you not only got the job done, but saved money as well. And if you’re self employed, even better!

You probably know about all of the travel sites that will help you bundle airfare and hotel to save you money, but there are other websites that help you in more creative ways. If you need to drive to the airport, consider This site helps you find alternative parking to the airport, like hotel lots or private lots that cost less than if you parked at the airport.

While you’re away, try using a ride share app like Uber to get around rather than taxicabs. These companies are typically cheaper and arrive quickly, saving you time as well.

Beat the Jet Lag

If you are going on a cross-country trip or a trip overseas, you may experience jet lag coming, going or both. Jet lag is that exhausted feeling you get after traveling through several time zones quickly: your body is hours ahead or behind, throwing off your sleep cycle.

To frequent travelers, this is a constant nuisance, but they know how to handle it. Make sure you drink plenty of water: this will not stop jet lag, but it will help your body recover from the fatigue faster. If you can, adjust your sleep time a few days ahead of your trip to match the time at your destination. This will help ease your body into the new cycle and works great for trips lasting more than a day or two. Finally, avoid naps: only sleep when it’s time to sleep, otherwise you will compound the lag.

These simple tips will help you avoid the stress of business travel.

Jenn Church is the founder of Airport Parking Helper, a top internet source for unique strategies to save money on costly airport parking fees. Jenn founded the company in 2014 and also works as a website developer and graphic designer. She resides in the Roanoke, VA region with her husband and two children.

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