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How to Travel Around the World On a Budget

Traveling is a fun activity that almost everyone enjoys and if it was generally affordable, people would probably travel all the time. This particular activity is packed with adventure, new scenery, new experiences, and a sense of wonderment. It could be dubbed as the perfect cure for a tough year or a rough month since it is capable of washing away all the tiresome workdays and long sleepless nights. However, traveling is not that affordable for everyone and it is generally expensive. However, that does not mean that you cannot travel, you just need to learn a few unconventional ways of traveling so that you can reach different destinations at a low price. This is why we’ve created this list to help you think about travel in a more affordable way.Few unconventional ways of traveling so that you can reach different destinations at a low price.Here is Travel Around the World On a Budget.

Travel Around the World On a Budget

3 Tips to Travel Around the World On a Budget


For the most part, we all share a fixed idea of what traveling looks like. It usually involves suitcases, airplane tickets, and comfortable shoes. There isn’t anything wrong with this list, but if you want to travel on a budget, it won’t work- with the exception of the comfortable shoes! This is why you might want to consider backpacking. If you are planning to literally travel around the world, then you need to plan your budget carefully. This process will include a lot of saving and research. It also includes planning for food and activity expenses; it is not just about transportation. You might need to fly from one continent to another, so try to find cheap tickets- there are plenty of deals if you just look carefully enough. 

You can travel from one city to another by public transportation or by walking if it is a walking distance. You might want to ease off on the heavy packing since you are going to be moving around frequently and sometimes on foot. Consider sleeping in tents in safe places instead of staying at a hotel, or look into alternative accommodation such as hostels, B&Bs or even find locals who are willing to let you stay with them for a while. This is all information that is easily found online. Backpacking might sound like a lot of work and it is, but it is certainly worth it. And you also get to say the Joey line from the TV show Friends; “When I was backpacking through Europe…”, which is a pretty effective line.

Affordable Destinations

Consider inexpensive locations when you are traveling, considering that you are going to be hitting more than one place. In order for this to work, you need to research and try not to be picky about your destinations. Remember it is not about the place as much as it is about the kind of experience that you will have there. With that being said, you might want to consider Asia, for instance, since it has plenty of wonderful and economic countries and islands that you can visit. Islands like Bali are famous for their beautiful scenery and affordability.

The Maldives are another destination that is known for its clean air, ocean, and greenery. You might want to consider traveling to the Maldives if you are one for relaxing by the ocean and staring at nature all day long. There are also several countries in Europe that you can travel to, such as Romania, Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey. You can also visit cheap countries in the Americas and do not forget to check affordable countries according to their exchange rates. 

Travel Around the World On a Budget

Cut out unnecessary expenses

Cutting out unwanted expenses should be a given, but sometimes we give in because we are too tired to do our research or simply do not know that we can get cheaper prices. There are plenty of things that you can tweak so that you can lessen your expenses a bit. For instance, instead of eating at a diner every day, you might want to cook at home since it is much cheaper and you have all the control. You can also eat locally on the days you do not feel like cooking, given that they are affordable places, especially in cheap countries. Also, check out websites that have generous discounts on buses, you can save a lot by using these discounts. Finally, remember that the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it will be. 

Traveling cheap is not difficult, it just requires a lot of planning and research on your end, so if you are dedicated enough there isn’t a thing you need to worry about. Finances are the most important part, so remember to carefully plan your budget and know where and how you will be spending your money. Try to book cheap flights and bus tickets and use discounts whenever you have the chance to. All in all, traveling is an adventure that is worth taking, so take chances on yourself and go camping in a tent in front of a wonderful view instead of staying in a boring hotel room. 

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